From: Full Throttle Communications

Evolution is fueled by a battle of predator versus prey. Camouflage is an ancient, yet simple, concept — make your appearance mimic the environment in which you operate to blend with the background noise of visual, auditory and other sensory tools thus avoiding detection.

While the concept is simple, the execution is not. This is where the Highlander™ pattern from Kryptek™ excels where others have fallen short. For the ultimate hunter, the warrior or elite law enforcement agent, the time has come to step up to the next evolution in camouflage, Kryptek’s Highlander. Traditionally, camo patterns were designed to blend in with bark, others with sand or foliage. Kryptek’s camouflage relies on proven concealment concepts, scientific principles and field-testing to reduce your chances of visual detection whether your prey’s vision is similar to a deer and limited to dichromatic yellows and blues, or the trichromatic vision of enemies foreign and domestic.

The Next Rung of Camo’s Evolutionary Ladder

Unlike inferior commercial designs that rely solely on natural looking prints, Kryptek’s Highlander utilizes a multi-directional design that blends and conceals across an entire spectrum of different environments whether natural or manmade. Whether your travels have you wandering the desert, creeping through a forest searching for whitetails or traversing the shadows in search of an urban terrorist, Kyptek’s Highlander will melt naturally into your environment.

Kryptek accomplishes this through its unique method of layering the patterns on multiple levels. This advanced technique blends background transitional shading and sharp, random, geometrical foregrounds to create a three-dimensional effect. The technology in Kryptek’s Highlander pattern is then combined with the necessary colorations and shading to make it the most lethal passive weapon in your arsenal.

Kryptek is the only Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company and small business that is currently a candidate for its camo patterns to be one of the next official patterns used by the U.S. Military. In fact, the company currently has its patterns undergoing rigorous field testing with the U.S. Army. The patterns will have to not only prove to be the best for daytime, naked-eye acquisition, but also prove themselves against infrared detection at night through NVG’s. There’s no doubt this company knows what it takes to make the performance cut given its veteran founders have chewed the dirt of combat on multiple battlefields, through numerous deployments.

About Kryptek
Kryptek takes combat-proven concepts and hones to the needs of hunters and outdoor adventurers. A veteran-owned company, it brings “Battlefield to Backcountry”, providing customized performance-based apparel that is specifically tailored to the environment. Kryptek will meet or exceed the performance expectations of the user while consistently delivering comfort, function and durability. More than just clothing, Kryptek’s designers accomplish this by evolving tactical gear concepts and integrating the technology into its technical hunting line. Kryptek’s pro staff, a cadre of men involved in the military who help test and give feedback, are the backbone in the creation of the most functional gear possible.

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