Moon Shine, LP, a premium designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire™, announces that they have licensed Stahl Cross to offer their necklace, earring and key ring crosses in wildly popular Muddy Girl® Camo with the female huntress in mind.

Moon Shine Attitude Attire™ licenses Muddy Girl® Camo to Stahl Cross

“We are excited to license Muddy Girl® Camo to Stahl Cross,” stated Moon Shine, LP President Travis Mattern. “They are a product that’s made in the USA and looking to market to more female outdoor enthusiasts – we feel that we are just the company to assist them.”
Stahl Cross is a family-owned business that manufactures necklace, earring and key ring crosses that feature military, patriotic, and awareness editions. The new line of Muddy Girl® Camo crosses adds just another unique addition to their product line that spotlights women in the outdoors.

You may find Stahl Cross products at Bass Pro Shops, Legendary Whitetails, Cracker Barrel and several more retailers across the country.

About Moon Shine, LP:
Moon Shine, LP is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel that conveys the attitude and traditional values of every generation. From the hunters and farmers who live off our lands to the soldiers and patriots who protect it, Moon Shine Attitude Attire™ honors the essence of the American Legacy. For more information visit, or call 1.800.4.MOON.SHINE

About Stahl Cross:
Stahl Cross is a family-owned business that has three generations of craftsmanship and manufacturing background. Each cross theme defines and demonstrates different courses that are chosen in life. The exclusive, custom decorated finish makes each one unique as a snowflake. And all are assured to be “Made in USA” contributing to our commitment to a homegrown ethical business environment. For more information about Stahl Cross visit their website at