In the market for a new archery sight?
The great debate of single or multi-pin archery sight, where do you stand?

Some time ago, I used multi-pin archery sights by Vital X Archery Inc. I used a 0.19” angular multi 3 pin sights. I had options of various yardages to shoot at game, sometimes being confused on the correct pin. Thus, being the reason for the switch to a single pin slider like the Vital X ‘StarTrax’.

I have shot various manufactures of archery sights and found a manufacture that makes a great quality sight, rest & yes a stabilizer. A company that finally does it all, Vital X Archery’ is a family based company out of Kentucky that has succeeded on customer service and award winning engineered equipment that many other manufactures try to mimic. Again raising the bar in the hunting industry Vital X introduces their 2012 line up.

My favorite sight by far is the ‘StarTrax’ dominating all moveable bow sights in the archery industry. It incorporates a revolutionary patented design with fiber optic indicator pins and marker on the actual bow sight bracket itself, and it’s the only sight on the archery market that contains anything like this. This is the bow sight from the future! It features 1 1/2 inches of travel.

These fine products can be purchased online or at the authorized dealers in your area.

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Shane J. Renard