Wondering what to plant for your fall food plots this year? Why not rely on the experts for your answer? Wildwood Genetics has a number of products that will improve your odds for success this hunting season.

If you’re looking for a premium food plot without breaking the bank, then the Super Plot is just for you. This economical, three-way blend of wheat, oats and winter peas allows you to plant a quality plot that will draw wildlife fall through spring. An upgraded version is the Super Plot Plus. This seven-way mix includes blended wheat, oats, elbon rye, winter peas, ladino clover, crimson clover and rape for the perfect combination of legumes, brasicas and grasses for your fall food plots.

Sure Shot™ is a new wildlife forage oat developed using innovative technology for heavy grazing pressure. This annual plant provides fall forage and is proven to be tolerant to colder conditions, adaptable to a large geography and has a high protein value.

Crimson Clover is also a cool-season annual legume that can grow up to 2 feet in height. It grows faster and seeds out earlier than other clovers. It is often used in combination with other clovers including ladino and arrowleaf and is adapted to a wide range of soil types.

Rape Athena is a fast-growing brassica that is heat-, cold- and drought-tolerant, making it widely adaptable throughout the South. It can be planted from from August 15 through November 1.

Elbon Rye is a cool-season, annual small grain with good cold tolerance. Rabbits and turkeys prefer this fast-growing grass, and deer browse it throughout the fall and winter. Quail will also eat the seeds. This seed is adapted to well-drained soils and should be planted from August 15 through October 15.

If you are looking for something that reseeds annually, then look no further than Arrowleaf Clover. It can grow up to 50 inches in height and matures late June through August, providing excellent forage for wildlife. Its foliage attracts insects, which also create food for turkeys.

Last but certainly not least is the Ladino Clover, which is a cool-season, short-lived perennial legume. It is highly productive and easy to maintain and is adaptable to a wide range of soils. Recommended planting dates are September 1 through October 15.

Fall is quickly approaching and each of the planting products mentioned above are perfect for your food plotting needs. Take your pick, plant, sit back and watch it grow. You will be smiling from ear to ear come this fall as you sit in the stand overlooking your perfect food plot.

For more information visit them online at http://wildwoodgenetics.com/products/food-plots-fall/super-plot