Yukon Moose Hunt Cancellation Open.

Bowhunting Safari Consultants has just had a last minute cancellation on a 2012 moose hunt with McMillan River Adventures
Yukon moose, archery or rifle boat, lake hunt
Arrive Whitehorse Sept 11th/2012, charter into camp Sept 13th, hunt 14th to 23 inclusive, charter back to Whitehorse Sept 24th.  Depart Whitehorse Sept 25th.
Regularly priced at $ 22,711.50, this hunt is only $11,000.00.
This price includes licensing, guide fees, trophy fees, charter fees for hunter and trophy, taxes, etc. Additional fees will include travel to/from home location to Whitehorse and lodging/meals while in Whitehorse.Additional species can include grizzly bear, black bear, wolf, and wolverine at additional licensing and trophy fees charges.

Hunt 12-99 Yukon – Alaskan Yukon Moose This operation is likely the most famous moose hunting destination in North America. The largest moose entered in P&Y in the last 2 year recording period came from here. The bull scored an amazing 249 1/8” to become the new world record for P&Y. It has earned a great reputation through a countless number of top listed moose in P&Y, B&C, and SCI. They have a passion for bowhunting – period. One of the owners is an outfitter we have booked with in Alberta in the past and our clients have been delighted with all aspects of the hunts he has handled. Casey Brooks and his father took bulls here this past fall. As mentioned in the hunt previous to this one, if you ask us for out top recommendations on HUGE moose, this is another one. Hunts are set up for 10 full days of hunting 1×1 and will be conducted by horseback or by boat. Additional animals available on trophy fee basis. Book early. Trophy fee payable on all harvested or wounded animals. Rates: 10-day 1×1 moose $12,000; $5,500 trophy fee on moose, $5,500 trophy fee on grizzly, $4,500 trophy fee on caribou; $1,500 trophy fee on black bear; add 5% GST; round trip bush fight estimated at $1,980; flight for getting moose horns, antlers and meat out $980; license $150; moose tag $5; caribou $5; black bear $5; grizzly $25; Government trophy fee on moose $150

MacMillan River Adventures


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