Equip U! Plan Your Hunt, Hunt Your Plan

Sponsored by: Dead Down Wind

By: Kevin Reese

Fall is finally here, bringing with it endless opportunities to venture beyond the confines of our homes in search of great outdoor adventures. For many of us, that outdoor adventure leads us straight into the woods!

This deer season is in full swing but depending on your environment it’s never too late to inventory your gear and make changes, especially when you live in a region experiencing drastic temperature swings. You may find yourself hunting our great state of Texas in bibs and a park one morning and in a t-shirt the next; the challenge is creating a base inventory prepared for anything, then simply change out additions; in my home I actually separate my hot, cold and mild temperature clothing and equipment. Being a bowhunter also presents some unique requirements; bulk is always bad in bowhunting.

Here is a short list of MUST-HAVES. Regardless of seasons or temperatures, these items are ALWAYS a part of my basic gear list:

Authors choice in bows: BowTech

As a general rule, I consider the seasons, prey and weather forecasts to dictate equipment I add to the mix. In Texas, I dress in layers and may carry a lighter backpack, or even a fanny pack while, if hunting the great and cold expanse of western Montana, I might use a completely different pack system and outerwear before challenging high altitudes and temperatures as low as 40 below zero. Use your inventory as the foundation of planning your hunt then add necessities required to hunt according to that plan.

Hunt hard and hunt often.

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