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After the three of us drug my heavy gator up the steep side of the levy we took a few pictures in the grass near the edge of the levy.  (Click on the picture below and you will see a larger pic.) After that we drove to David’s hunting camp and put the alligator in the walk in cooler. Then Colton put several coolers full of ice on it.

The next morning we ate at Clock’s restaurant in Arcadia, Florida.

The Mills family; David, Amy, Faith and Colton.

Back at the Team Struttn Ruttn Reeln camp headquarters we took a few pictures of the gator  in the daylight.  (Click on the pic below picture and you will see a larger pic.)

Then we lugged the gator to the skinning table and Colton went to work separating the gator’s hide from the meat. He bagged the tail meat up for me in ziploc bags. I texted my wife Debbie that she was getting the gator tail meat she wanted me to bring home.

When Colton completed skinning the alligator I was impressed with how exacting a job he had done. It was perfect.

The last step was to fold and roll up the alligator’s hide and then stuff it in a large, heavy weight plastic bag and put it back in the walk in cooler. Later on the Taxidermist came and got the alligators hide and everything except what I am taking home.

There is still a little more to the telling of this alligator adventure and that is next.


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