By: Gary Elliott

It is that time of year where we archers are looking for products that will enhance and assist us in the coming years hunt. We also are looking to begin working on re fletching arrows that have lost their vanes from either last year’s hunt or from practice.

With that said, VaneTec has come up with a handy kit that makes fletching the high-tech composite arrow shafts of today better and easier.
The ArrowSmith Arrow Builders Adhesion Kit has everything you will need to securely adhere your vanes to your arrow shafts. It contains four products; V-Tough an insert and component adhesive, VT-2000 hand fletching adhesive, Undercoat 2000 a primer and finally Headlock an anti-vibe thread lock for broadheads and field tips. I will look at each one individually.

V-Tough Insert & Component Adhesive comes in a 7 oz bottle that redefines impact resistance and is produced to order making it fresh every time.

VT-2000 Hand Fletching Adhesive also comes in a 7 oz bottle and is the next generation of VaneTec’s acclaimed VT-1000 adhesive. The rapid fixture time guarantees quick drying time to prevent vane curling. Even on my new Easton Hunter Pro’s with a high gloss finish I lightly sanded the ends of the shafts, cleaned and applied the primer and fletched my arrow shafts with VaneTec’s low profile 3 inch vanes and they have yet to even budge. The viscosity allows for a nice even flow to the vane made easier by the soft squeeze bottle.

Under Coat Primer is available in a 2 oz pump spray and makes everything in the ArrowSmith kit work better. It cleans and preps any surface that will be bonded with cyanoacrylates adhesives and allows for faster, stronger bonds on vanes and inserts and comes in a handy, refillable spray bottle.

HeadLock is an anti vibration thread lock for field tips and broadhead stopping them from loosening which can affect accuracy. According to VaneTec’s website bows reassembled with Headlock are estimated to be 20% quieter.

Overall, I found each product easy to work with and in the last 2 months have not had a vane come loose on me yet. For more information on the ArrowSmith kit or any of VaneTec’s vanes or other products visit them at the URL mentioned at the top of the article.

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