Bear Carnage – This Sure Isn’t My Old Whitetail II

By: Tink Jackson

I can still vividly remember my younger years, a time long ago, when while walking through the woods carrying my Bear Whitetail II I felt like I was the king of the mountain. No frills, a glued on arrow rest, stringy rubbery “silencers” tied onto my string, and a quiver full of “straightened” aluminum arrows. Man, how times have changed!

We don’t glue anything on anymore, arrow rests are much different, aluminum arrows are for recycling, and while the 2012 Bear Carnage definitely still makes a man the king of the mountain, it is darn sure not my old Whitetail II!

2012 Bear Carnage

The technical specifications on the 2012 Bear Carnage are as follows:
• Speed (IBO) = 345 FPS
• Weight = 4 LBS
• Brace Height = 7.25″
• Axle to Axle = 32″
• Let Off = 80%
• Peak Draw Weight = 50 LBS / 60 LBS / 701 LBS
• Draw Length Range = 25.5” TO 30.5”
• Strings/Cables = BEAR CONTRA-BAND HP
• Cable Slide = 4X4 ROLLER GUARD

OK, so let’s cut right to the chase. If you want a FAST, power loaded, quiet and smooth compound that has everything you need to go from bunny-bustin’ to grizzly-grillin’, you have no choice but to run right out and get yourself the 2012 Bear Carnage! This bow is the ultimate killing machine, flawless in design and very appropriately named. The Carnage will not only devastate any four-legged critter you can get to step in front of it, the name adequately describes what it does to the competition as well!

The Carnage is the fastest bow Bear has ever produced with an IBO rating of 345 fps! That great speed will give you a smaller gap between pins, which we all knows provides more forgiveness out in the field when you are off on that distance you estimated by two or three yards! Whether you are trying to put some meat in the freezer or another 3D tournament trophy on the mantle, the flat trajectory from the Carnage is going to give you more of an advantage than ever before!

Going after a “bigger critter” this year? With its brutalizing speed, the Carnage delivers maximum penetration with over 90 ft-lbs of kinetic energy at the target. That is bone breaking, rib crushing, just passing through power that is going to provide maximum damage to any animal you chose to take with it. The blazing speed and power make the Carnage the perfect killing machine and the absolute top of the 2012 food chain!

Bear Skeleton Cam System

It gets even better! We know what you are thinking. With great speed, comes great noise. Well, while most company’s bows do have that problem, you have to remember who makes the Carnage! Bear has been building hunting bows for over 60 years. The light-weight Skeleton Cams provide maximum efficiency while the Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs generate absolutely no forward limb thrust, none! No limb thrust means no vibration when you shoot! Add to this design Bear’s integrated second generation Dual-Arc string suppressors to control the string buzz, and you have a silent killer! Basically, the Carnage is quieter than most competitors’ 300fps bows! Oh yeah, of course, no vibration, also means smooth!

Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs means NO Forward Thrust!

Dual-Arc String Suppressor = NO String Buzz

Of all of the bows I have ever shot in my life, nothing compares to the Carnage. If you are ready to be the top predator on the food chain, you need the 2012 Carnage. With an MSRP of $849.99, this bow is an absolute steal of a deal. I would recommend this bow to anyone and everyone that wants to be at the top of their game!

For more go to: Bear Archery or shop Amazon below!