The Top Mid-Level Bow on the Market!

By: Tink Jackson

Many of us spend a lot of time in ground blinds each fall and winter waiting for that opportunity to harvest a monster bull or a big ole bruiser buck. Despite the many advantages that can be gained from hunting out of a ground blind, some of us still have to make adjustments due to our size.

At 6’4”, most of the blinds on the market are not built for me to be able to climb right in and shoot just any bow. Because of my height, I have to look for a bow with a shorter axle-to-axle length to save myself enough room in the blind to be able to draw the bow when that moment of truth comes along. Bear Archery

My search for a compatible ground blind bow has lead to the perfect match. The ultra compact  Legion  from Bear Archery provides the perfect size I need to have that extra room in the blind and I did not have to sacrifice one ounce of quality to get it!

2012 Bear Legion Bow

Technical specifications:

• Speed (IBO) = 318 FPS
• Weight = 4 LBS
• Brace Height = 7.00″
• Axle to Axle = 30.5″
• Let Off = 80%
• Peak Draw Weight = 50 LBS / 60 LBS / 70 LBS
• Draw Length Range = 26” TO 31”
• Strings/Cables = BEAR CONTRA-BAND
• Cable Slide = SLIDE

The Bear Strike was one of the most popular bows that Bear had ever produced. If you wanted a bow that was shorter axle-to-axle, it had just about everything you could have wanted. Using the over 60 years of legendary experience that Bear has producing industry leading bows, they took that concept and gave rise to the Legion – the faster and smoother brother of the Strike!

Bear redesigned the cams on the Legion to deliver a smoother draw and more power, which equates to faster speed!

Redesigned Cam Delivers More Speed

The grip on the Legion was also redesigned to produce less torque as well. I have shot the Legion for hours and torque is definitely not an issue with this bow!

Redesigned Grip Means Less Torque.

Bear also upgraded the Legion to include the Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors. This is truly a great trait of the Bear lineup which basically makes string buzz a non-factor. You will shoot quieter the minute you pick up any of the Bear bows with this feature!

Overall, I would highly recommend the Bear Legion to everyone looking for a shorter axle-to-axle bow that refuses to give up any quality. With an MSRP of only $399.99, this is probably the best value bow on the market. Top end performance with a middle of the road price tag! Bear took one of their most popular bows ever to a whole new level with the 2012 Legion!

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