By: Gary Elliott

I have written a few reviews now for Limbsaver and their quality stabilizers and when I heard they had a new re-designed 4 ½” S-Coil Stabilizer I just had to check it out. The new design independently isolates and dampens vibration at and increased rate. With the improved design it will even better assist with bow torque and hand fatigue which is very important to me. Also, with the new design comes a much quieter shot absorption, reducing string jump on your prey.

Along with being weatherproof it is lightweight at 4.73 oz. and has a compact size, making it a great stabilizer for hunters. Also, with choices of black or NAVCOM Camo there is a choice for most anyone.

As I have any of the Limbsaver stabilizer or products I find that they do what they say and do it well. So, if you are looking for a new stabilizer I would suggest visiting and browse through the many vibration reducing products they sell for both the bowhunter and the rifle and pistol enthusiasts.


Review written by: Gary Elliott