Gorilla, Inc. a leading manufacturer of performance treestands and accessories, announces the introduction of the new G-Series (G30 and G20) safety harnesses. The G30 and G20 safety harnesses feature more all-season comfort, adjustable easy-on and easy-off fit, with complete 360-degree range of movement. The G20 safety harness is designed for hunters who desire an affordable harness without sacrificing the quality or comfort of the popular G30.

Even when properly wearing a full body safety harness certified to TMA standards, the force a user experiences during a fall can be significant. That is why the design team at Gorilla developed the Energy Absorbing System (E.A.S.) tethers for the G30 and G20 safety harnesses. G-series E.A.S. tethers reduce the felt fall force by nearly 40% compared to the leading competitor’s tether.

The new Gorilla® G-Series will change the way you think about treestand safety harnesses. The adjustable form-fitting design goes on so easily – you’ll be suited up in seconds. Lightweight and breathable, the G-Series gives you a custom fit with maximum range of motion for all-season comfort and freedom.

NEW G30 Safety Harness:
The G30 safety harness is extremely lightweight at only 3.6 pounds and breathable. The arched back style has a waist belt-free design for a more comfortable fit that goes on in seconds. And, you’ll never miss the opportunity for a shot with its extra long tether for full 360o range of motion. The G30 safety harness also features comfortable padded shoulder straps and backrest for all day comfort.

NEW G20 Safety Harness:
The G20 safety harness is the newest addition to the G-Series. The fully adjustable straps deliver a comfortable and custom fit for hunters of all sizes. The padded shoulders, arched waist and leg straps make this harness so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it, but you’ll feel secure knowing it’s always there to protect you in the event of a fall.

About Gorilla, Inc.
Gorilla, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of high performance treestands and accessories for hunters who demand comfort, strength and stealth. For more information on the G-Series Safety Harnesses, visit www.gorillatreestands.com.