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After I got the wild boar Coltin Mills helped me take a few pictures of the boar where he went down. They he decided to get his truck and drive it over where we were.

On the way Colton saw 3 wild hogs back in the swamp. He slipped along slowly. Colton knows this area and as he got closer to the hogs he knew, from the trail that they were on, they would come out into a small opening up ahead. He angled off and moved more briskly in an effort to get to the opening before the three hogs.

They all arrived at the same time.

As the first hog stepped into the opening Colton drew his bow. The hog behind it saw the draw and grunted and made an alert wheeze. The boar in the oppening looked back at the other hog.

Now Colton had his top pin on the lead boar and he took aim at the vitals. His arrow hit perfectly.

The hog ran into the thick brush and Colton heard a loud crash. He went to where the hog entered the brush and saw the blood trail.

Suddenly he heard a hog moving quickly in the thick palmettos. The second boar was coming and when he saw Colton the boar sped up and charged.

Colton stepped behind a small tree and the hog started around the left side of the tree. Colton moved to the right and the boar switched directions to the other side of the tree. They dodged back a few times and then the hog ran away.

Colton’s boar was in the palmettos a few more steps.

Then Colton went to his pickup and drove it over to where I was waiting. We took another pic of my hog and then walked over to his hog. I took a pic of Colton with his wild boar.

Colton Mills of Team Struttn Ruttn Reeln with the wild boar he got on our bowhunt. http://www.teamsrr.com


Colton harvested his wild boar with a Darton DS 3800 from Darton Archery. Colton has his bow set on 72 pounds and he told me it shoots very quietly and is very fast and flat shooting. Colton has shot it though the chronograph at 335fps with his hunting setup and hunting arrows.His top pin hits accurately out to 35 yards. so that is very, very flat shooting.

He shot a Grim Reaper Razor Tip arrow and the broadhead passed through the vitals and lodged solidly in the opposite shoulder. The arrow shaft broke off as the hog ran into the brush. The hog only ran 25 yards before he dropped.

He used a Trophy Ridge bowquiver, Tru Ball Short and Sweet release, Octane containment arrow rest and a HHS bowsight.

We hog hunted on one of the Team Struttn Ruttn Reeln wild hog huntiing properties. It was a spot and and stalk hunt, no feeders or high fences and all open range. Team SRR has excellent hog hunts. The guides knows their wild hog woods and how to get their hunters into wild hog action. If you are looking to hunt Wild Hogs, Florida Alligators, Osceola Wild Turkey and/or Whitetail deer call David Mills at  863-303-4726. On the web at www.TeamSRR.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeamSRR.


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