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Razor Ranch heard I was in south Florida and invited me to visit their hunting operation in nearby Zolpho Springs, Florida. David Mills drove me over there and I met Bill Wilson, the head guide. We visited for a while. Bill is a lifelong big game hunter and accomplished bowhunter.

Razor Ranch has a deer management and breeding program and Bill heads that up also. I asked him if we could drive around and he was glad to show me the place. We got in one of the ranches Gators and off we were off.

David asked Bill if we could go to the breeding operation and see the buck they call Hercules. Bill drove us there. When you look at the pictures below I think you will know which one is Hercules.

The ranch’s specialties are trophy whitetail bucks, exotics and wild hogs. As we drove around I took pictures of bucks and the various exotics.

Below are clickable Thumbnails and underneath that is a SlideShot with the highlights of my pictures.

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