By: Rick Philippi

The Dead-On Rangefinder is the most effective and simplistic approach to calculating distances at that crucial time of the shot. What I like about this easy to use product is that its hands free while you are at full draw. So many times after you range your game with your laser rangefinder, you then have the task of getting it out of the way for your shot. This can be difficult, especially if the game animal is in your immediate proximity. The Dead-On Rangefinder eliminates all of this. Here is how it works.


First, the Dead-On Rangefinder simply sticks on to the inside of your sight bracket so it’s easy to install on your existing sight. There are adjustable calibrations predicated off the animal you are hunting. At full draw, you align your bottom pin with the belly line of the animal and measure the back. This immediately will tell you the distance and the cool thing is this will work from any shooting distance.

Transition from Range to Sight.

The next step is the transition from ranging the animal to your sight pins. See the below pictures at just how easy it is.

Focus Changes to Sight Pins.


Shoot Your Target.

The Dead-On Rangefinder is very versatile. It will work on all sights, any bow speed, works the same from a tree stand or a ground blind, and last but not least it will work on any size animal. The amazing thing is you can get all of this for around $20.00 Check it out at