Sunset Ridge Outfitters

If you like hunting you will really enjoy Sunset Ridge Outfitters in Maine.

Sunset Ridge Outfitters started our Maine hunting outfitters and guides business back in 1974. Over 30 years in the hunting guide and outfitter industry. At Sunset Ridge Outfitters you can hunt big game animals such as bear, deer, moose, red stag, elk and buffalo.

When you hunt with Sunset Ridge Outfitters, you get our knowledge, experience and expertise. We have the game, guides and equipment to make your trip second to none. Service is first in our business.

Isn’t it time that you got away?…… to have a good time, eat well, sleep well, hunt hard and enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t wait….there’s no time like the present. I am looking forward to hunting with you this year. Call me at 207-266-1306 or Email me at Maine hunt with a real outfitter, Master Guide, Ben Pinkham.

Ask for references. We have many new and repeat clients. Email me at

For information contact Master Guide Ben Pinkham of Sunset Ridge Outfitters in Howland, Maine. Call Ben Pinkham at 207-266-1306 or Email Ben at

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