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Yesterday we got rained out so I didn’t get to hunt. Today I went in early. Around 3:00 something hit the blind about waist high and ran into the woods.

An hour later I noticed a bear walking in the woods 80 yards away. Soon I heard the crunch of steps in the leaves. They got closer and it pawed several time at the right wall of the blind, by my backpack. I saw the indentation of a bear’s foot as it pawed the wall of the blind.

I kept still, bow in hand, waiting to see if it would walk around the blind and into my shooting window. It got quiet for another hour.

5:30 came. Minutes later an uninvited guest walked up behind the blind and pushed and pawed on the wall. It kept doing it for at least 15 minutes.

I waited with my release on my string loop, sitting only inches away from the pawing, watching it. Some of the time he pawed at eye level. I didn’t know if it was the same bear or another one but the paw’s indentations looked as wide. Finally it walked around toward my shooting window.

Ben Pinkham had cut pine branches and stacked them on the corners for camouflage. The bear shoved them over. By the size of the paw indentations I could tell it was an adult bear — I was shooting if I got the opportunity.

After the cut branches fell over I heard the bear walk back into the woods. It was after 6:00.

The remaining hour plus a few minutes was uneventful. When I met Ben at our meeting place I told him what happened. He thought there must be something about my back pack that drew the bear in. It made sense because that was the first place it went and began pawing. Tomorrow I’m not bringing my backpack.


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