Sponsored by Master Guide Ben Pinkham of Sunset Ridge Outfitters in Howland, Maine. For info call 207-266-1306 or Email Ben at info@sunsetridgeoutfitters.com  And Access Tonneau CoversThermaCELLGrim Reaper Broadheads and BowTube.com.


Ben Pinkham drove us to one of his a secluded areas and we loaded up on his Polaris 6-wheeler. The ride was at least a mile and in places was very bumpy, even at the slow speed we were going.

Ben stopped and we walked to a trail and quietly followed it to the stand site. The bait was decimated and Ben refreshened it with his Bear bringing concoction. I climbed up the ladder stand and pulled my gear up.

The woods is very thick here and I methodically checked the area as I waited. Time clicked by without any bears sightings in my area. At dark we drove out and at dinner Ben said he had a Pop-Up ground blind set up in another area and we decided I’d hunt there tomorrow.


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