By: Sue ‘SusieQ’ Burch

By: Sue ‘SusieQ’ Burch


Mustard Fried Venison – What you Need.

  • Venison (backstraps, cube steak, steak, etc)
  • French’s mustard ( Spicy Brown mustard is good too)
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Venison cube steak with salt and pepper

Salt and pepper venison, then coat with mustard. Coat with flour and shake off any extra… then fry in oil. (I use olive oil.)

Adding a coating of mustard to venison cube steak


A final coating of flour and shake off any extra. (You only need a little flour, you don’t want it to cover the taste of the mustard)

Just a little oil in bottom of pan… I use olive oil.

Mustard Fried Venison in platter

Mustard Fried Venison, Pea Salad and Field Peas for dinner. It was sooo good.