By: Lynne Frady The Lady Archer

Over the past 19 years Jim and I have had the opportunity to use several different brands of bow presses. When we had the opportunity to work with Last Chance we jumped at the chance. We had heard a lot of great things about them and their presses and could not wait to get one in the shop.

When it arrived Jim was very impressed with the EZ press, he is a machinist by trade, he likes nice lines and the less moving parts the better.

The first bow that was put into the press was a Mathews Z-7 with past parallel limbs, which on our other press was a chore from beginning to end. With the EZ Press it took only seconds to adjust the fingers and the bow was pressed the peep sight put in the loop was added and it was done! Jim just smiled and said “where has this press been my whole life. Can it really be this easy?”

Jim Frady, owner of Team Frady Outdoor Adventures working on a Mathews Z-7 extreme in the Last Chance E-Z press

We opted for the EZ press with the crank handle and the threaded rod makes for a very smooth operation. There is no back off when you put a bow in the press, where ever you turn the handle it stays. You can work on anything from the shortest axle to axle bows to the longest models. We love the leg options as well. We ordered two set of table mount legs. One set we have in the shop the other set is mounted in our enclosed hauler that we take to events and programs. All we have to do is unbolt the press from the legs and it easily goes from stationary to our mobile unit.

Jim pressing the bow with a simple turn of the handle. Makes pressing bows a real pleasure

We have had our press for almost 6 months, we waited to do this product review to be sure we had ample time to work on different models of bows with different problems other than just set ups. We have not had any problems with the press and the workmanship that goes into each press is unmatched.

We can honestly say that this bow press has made doing bow adjustments a breeze. It no longer takes two people to work on the bow due to issues with the press. The EZ press is a one man operation and will cut your time at the press to a minimum. The only bad thing about the press is that we did not get one sooner.

Putting in a peep sight is e-z with the E-Z press from Last Chance Archery

If you are looking for the last bow press you will ever need please contact Chris or Wendy Clark to put in an order for your new press they will be more than glad to arrange for one to be built for you. They are made with pride and superior craftsmanship in the USA in Pendergrass Georgia. They should however change their name to Last Press, because it’s the last press you will ever purchase.

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