By: Marc Anthony

I finished my review on the Lumenok ‘F’ today. I’m glad to say that many improvements have been made in the last few years as more people have been using them.

I tested all of the colors available, including the pink colored nock now made to support the “Pink Arrow Project”. All of the colors were vivid and bright! I had no problems putting them together and if you read the instructions and follow them accordingly, they’ll work great!

Some of the more noticeable improvements are the plug kit used to secure the battery from dislodging and the snug fit. If you’re planning to use the Lumenoks, I would also invest in the F.A.S.T. tool they have available that will square the ends of your arrow thus creating a good electrical contact for your Lumenok.

Price wise, they are fairly priced and have consistently come up cheaper in my internet search compered to the other brands of lighten nocks. Another bonus is they are made right here in the USA, smack dab in the middle of big buck country known as Illinois! Believe me, they get tested on some of the biggest deer found.

For video: CLICK HERE

If you choose to purchase the Lumenoks for your arrows, make sure you’re using a 100% carbon arrow (with no fiberglass in it) or an aluminum arrow because the Lumenok’s rely on the arrow to complete its electrical circuit to function properly.

I give the Lumenok ‘F’ a “Thumbs up”

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