By: Gary Elliott

The BinoBro is a high quality weather proof binocular bag made by Oregon Pack Works. The BinoBro comes in eight sizes or custom made; Special pricing may occur under these conditions.

I found the BinoBros to work well with my Vanguard Spirit 8 x 42 ED’s and unlike some I have tried, they actually felt good wearing on my body. The cover protects your binoculars even while when having to do belly crawling, running and jogging.

A one-inch piece of elastic is utilized on each side of the harness to allow for unrestricted breathing and adjusts for torso length and girth and will fit petite women to larger males. The chest harness takes the weight off your neck and distributes it all over your upper body, saving your neck and back from unnecessary strain. Yes, even binoculars if carried a long time can cause stress and fatigue on your upper body. The rear of the pouch is a vented mesh material that doesn’t absorb sweat.

The BinoBro allows binoculars to be removed from the pouch and don’t require attachment hardware–unlike many closed-loop harnesses without protection. When ready to use your binoculars pull off the cover and access your binoculars or leave the upper flap folded over if protection isn’t needed. The upper flap pulls off with ease and when you’re done, one can easily and quickly pull the cover back over your binoculars. A small bungee-cord adjusts the tension for the over-flap. With the flap pulled over, the binoculars are protected from sweat, rain, snow and dust.
If carrying large binoculars it is suggested to carry in a chest harness.—especially the 15 x 56 models. Oregon Pack Works also suggests leaving the neck strap on the binocular for added safety and versatility. The best feature and design of the BinoBro is that they are very easily removed from under a pack or your jacket, allowing you to quickly glass that trophy animal you are tracking.

For more go to: Oregon Pack Works

Review written by: Gary Elliott