By: Tink Jackson

Is it just me, or is the quiver the equivalent of the step-child in the world of archery. I see people all of the time that spend hours researching bows, arrows, broadheads, releases, and every other piece of equipment, but you never hear anyone bragging about their quiver. Quite simply, most of the time, the only time you hear anything about a quiver is when somebody is complaining about their old one, and then they buy the cheapest replacement they can find. Well, Trophy Ridge has taken the quiver to a whole new level. The Trophy Ridge Beacon is about a whole lot more than just holding your arrows!

Trophy Ridge Beacon Quiver.

Technical specifications:

• Features new Ballistic CoPolymer System
• 3 powerful green LED lights housed on top of the hood
• 1 powerful green LED light housed inside the hood
• Quick detach lever system
• Braided hang rope (hang your bow or just the quiver when detached)
• Holds fixed or mechanical broadheads
• Fully adjustable mount allows quiver to rotate and adapt to your needs
• Dual arrow grippers
• Includes 3 different mounting brackets to fit all bows

The new Beacon quiver is another example of Trophy Ridge’s dedication to precision and perfection. The Beacon quiver utilizes their new Ballistix CoPolymer System which makes the quiver lighter, quieter and more functional without compromising strength. You get the strength of aluminum (but 25% lighter) without the noise and vibration. The soft yet tough Ballistix coating also delivers additional vibration reduction. You can carry fixed or mechanical Broadheads in the Beacon, and your arrows are held in place by not just one but two rows of arrows grippers, further reducing vibration and helping you make it through the next brush pile with all of your arrows still in place.

The Beacon also comes with a braided hang rope attached to the top. This rope can be used to hang your entire bow while the quiver is attached, or to hang your quiver alone when it is detached. The braided rope is high strength, and slips out of the way when not in use.

Braided, Extra Strength Hang Rope and Three lights in the top of the quiver hood.

My favorite part of the Beacon is the lighting. Yes, I said lighting. The beacon comes with 3 bright green LEDs on the external side of the hood that are more than bright enough to replace that flashlight or headlight on those early mornings sneaking into your blind, tree stand or water hole. There is also a single green LED on the inside of the hood that will light up your arrows, providing additional safety when walking and when pulling that magic arrow out in preparation for a bountiful harvest right before the sun comes up.

Internal Green LED Illuminates Broadheads in Quiver Hood.

The Beacon comes with three different mounting brackets, ensuring that you will be able to mount it to any bow. Trophy Ridge truly thought of everything with this magnificent quiver!

Overall, I would highly recommend the Trophy Ridge Beacon quiver to everyone. Trophy Ridge has once again taken a small piece of equipment and made it into a great multi-tool. Those Trophy Ridge engineers sure can build some great hunting products! Does your quiver do more than just hold your arrows? If not, you need a Trophy Ridge Beacon!

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