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I returned to the ground blind and made a few changes to my previous setup. I added some sapling sized limbs to the mix by wedging and weaving them into the trees close to the blind. I figured that would give me a little more audible warning if a bear came up to the blind again.

Secondly, I left my backpack in Ben Pinkham’s pickup. Both of us agreed that my close up bear visiter was attracted by something I had brought to the blind. And, with the exception of my bow and what was on it, everything else was in my backpack. So I left it in Ben’s pickup. The only other item I had was my iPhone. I could text with it if I needed to communicate to Ben.

I opened one of the blind’s small windows so I could see a bear if it was approaching my main shooting window from the left.

Then I opened the largest window on the side of the blind where it did most of it’s pawing and pushing. I left the mesh up and velcroed in on both of these two windows.

I am using Grim Reaper 2″ mechanical broadheads and they have a unique feature that most other mechanicals do not. Most mechanicals have blades that just flop around if you open them, and if you shoot them through mesh in the closed position they will deflect and put your arrow off course.

When yo open a Grim Reaper’s blades they will seat and hold in the open position. This Grim Reaper feature is a big plus if you want to shoot through the mesh on your ground blind. I know because I’ve done it with good results.

Now, if the bear came back to mess with my blind he would get a big, arrow type, surprise.

Actually, I had bear visitors each day I hunted at the ground blind site. However, they did not get into my shooting window. And now I sat quietly in the ground blind’s chair and waited.

This afternoon there was a gusty breeze and the temperature was in the low 50’s. A very comfortable day to spend 5 hours in the Maine bear woods. I assume the bears enjoyed the afternoon as well, but they did it some place other than where I was.

Later, back at Ben’s headquarters, I packed my traveling bag and bow case chock full of my stuff. Tomorrow morning I had a date with US Airways for my return trip home.

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