Preparing, planting and maintaining a food plot might be a little intimidating, but with some advice on preparation and planting, and Wildwood Genetics products, even the beginning hunter can get prepared for the hunting season.

It’s never too early to plan. One of the most important first steps is to have your soil tested for pH levels, and late summer is ideal for this. You need to know what nutrients your soil needs in order to create a lush and hearty food plot that will attract game.

Once you know the soil pH level, fertilizing is the next step. Fertilizer is essential for optimum food plot growth and management. After you select what type of forage or crops you want to grow, fertilizing the ground will make growing your food plot a breeze. Wildwood Genetics offers Fore Runner and Field Maker fertilizers that offer nitrogen, phosphorous and potash to thoroughly fertilize your soil.

After fertilizer comes planting. Wildwood Genetics offers a wide range of products to suit spring/summer and fall food plots. A variety of soybeans, sunflowers, clovers, peas, oats and more are available, as well as pre-made mixes. Super Plot includes a three-way mix of wheat, oats and winter peas that’s sure to entice game fall through spring. Super Plot Plus is a seven-way mix of legumes, brassicas and grasses that will be irresistible to big game in the fall.

Not sure when to plant what? Wildwood Genetics can help you with that. A planting calendar is available at, and is included in the product catalog at your nearest Wildwood Genetics dealer. It includes the optimal months to plant specific products, as well as how much per acre and what game animals are attracted to it. Also available from Wildwood Genetics is a variety of insect and weed repellants to help your food plot thrive. Want to make your food plot even more useful? Wildwood Genetics offers a wide variety of minerals and feed for optimal wildlife management.

Once you’ve planted your food plot with Wildwood Genetics products, sit back and watch it grow into one of the best game attractants out there. Be sure to visit your nearest Wildwood Genetics dealer for more information on how Wildwood Genetics can help you grow the best food plot possible.