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By: C.J.Winand

“Last week I was bow hunting in Greenland…Land of the glacier, land of the polar bear, land of the reindeer and land of the musk ox. If you don’t know, this was the first year bow hunting became legal for musk ox in Greenland. Believe it or not, in many European countries bow hunting is still illegal! But, thanks to the work of the European Bowhunting Federation the number of countries that allow bow hunting has been increasing.

Last month, my friend, Anders Gejer from Sweden contacted me about the good news in Greenland and asked if I was interested in joining him and two other bow hunters from Finland for the first ever archery musk ox hunt!

Years ago I looked into a musk ox hunt in northern Canada, but learned the hunt was more a survivor test against the cold weather and wind. And to be honest, not much of a hunt. When Anders informed me the Greenland hunt would be spot and stalk, I knew this was for me.

Prior to our hunt, you could tell all the Inuits thought we were absolutely crazy to attempt to take a musk ox with a bow! Without a doubt, their minds were made already made up! And because the Wildlife Department in Greenland did NOT believe a bow could bring down a musk ox they had an “observer” tag along on all our hunts.

Juha Kylma – President of the European Bowhunters Federation with his bow killed Musk Ox.

After Juha Kylma – President of the European Bowhunters Federation from Finland tipped over the first musk ox, we thought the observer and Inuits were upset because it went over 200 yards before it fell. What we learned was the Inuits generally shoot musk ox with a .375 H&H (Holland and Holland). On average, they shot 2-3 rounds per animal then watch the musk ox run anywhere to .5 to 1.0 mile away. Evidently, the bang-bang makes them run further then with a bow kill. Because of their limited bow knowledge, they simply couldn’t believe the efficiency of our bows! Our opinions of this hunt were completely opposite of what the Inuits were thinking! Obviously, perception is everything!

The next bow hunter from Finland killed his musk ox with a perfect shot and it went about 50 yards before it collapsed! Without a doubt, we were making a lasting impression on everyone. They even granted us “test” reindeer permits, but the weather turned bad and we had to leave camp. Next year, the outfitter (Frank Feldman at Bowhunting Greenland) will have combination hunts for musk ox and reindeer! And yes, Frank bow hunts himself and is the one and only bow hunting outfitter in the country!

Author C.J. Winand ‘Hunting Whitetails’ columnist for Bowhunter Magazine / TV with cameraman and his Musk Ox.

Although travel to and from Greenland can be troublesome (2-1/2 day to arrive and 5 days to get home), this hunt was one of the best I’ve ever experienced.

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