By: Gary Elliott

When I first came across the Laser Broadheads from Clean-Shot Archery, I was a little taken back and confused on how to take them. Were they legal, were they ethical and will people begin to shoot past legal hunting hours and even the thought, would I be a cheater to use them. Then again, I thought to myself, an ethical hunter is always an ethical hunter. Then again, they will allow me to make much cleaner shots and more ethical kills.

I have had these for some time but have not been able to write about them until now. Not that I was too busy or sick, I just couldn’t figure out how to approach a write up on them. Well now I have and it will not be about how well they shoot and they do shoot well with proper tuning and some reading up on them. Assembly takes a little time but is well worth it and the quality of the broadheads is outstanding. I want to write about my thoughts on using these to hunt with.

Back in the 80’s when the compounds became to come out many traditionalists started yelping that archers who use compounds are cheaters. They use sights and don’t shoot instinctively. Well 30 + years later we tend to get along together and hunting has grown to be quite a large market due to compounds and technology.

Now in 2011 a product hits the market again utilizing new technology giving us the Laser Broadhead and it has created a new stir amongst archers based on the same ideologies.

In my opinion after much thought and reading. It is no different than the creation of the compound. I believe that first you need to check your state laws. Here in Michigan we can use this broadhead to hunt predators, day or night. Deer, turkey and other animals it is illegal to cast a light on them but, what if we allowed this, wouldn’t we get cleaner kills? Yes, maybe some of the competition is taken out but then again you can always use a stick bow or go back to sights. Don’t we in the hunting community always talk about making the clean shot or lessening the animals suffering? Doesn’t this product do that?

I want you the reader to decide for yourself.

So, if you are looking to replace or add to your broadhead collection the laser broadheads from SpotOn are well worth your time and investment. You will always know with these you will be “SpotOn”.

For the entire line of  products please go to: Clean-Shot Archery

Article written by: Gary Elliott