By: Jason Balazs

Stedi-Stock by Agonic Enterprises

Stedi-stock was developed by Harold Hurst who worked for many years to design an optical stabilizer that was portable, light weight, affordable, adaptable to conditions, and most of all would fit all styles and brands of cameras, video cameras, optics, range finders, and spotting scopes.Mr. Hurst reached all his goals above when he designed the Stedi-Stock.

Stedi-Stock has received glowing reviews from professionals and amateurs everywhere because it is easy to use, intuitive, and performs above expectations, even those of professional photographers, and videographers. Stedi-Stock is quickly becoming the must have piece of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Stedi-Stock is manufactured by Agonic Enterprises, LLC/ dba Stedi Stock.  Stedi-Stock is proudly made in Texas, in the USA.



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