Bowhunting Deer 2012

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The weather cooled off during the night and perhaps that would get the deer moving. Daylight came and the heavily overcast sky gave a slightly off color appearance to the woods. A doe came into view on the hill above me. It was alone.

The doe walked toward a tree that I knew had scrape activity going on.

She stopped under an overhanging branch, reached up and grabbed the branch in her teeth. She pulled and twisted the branch.

Then she pawed the ground where the scrape was and walked around in the scrape.

And then the doe left, going up hill and into the woods to the west.

Nearly two hours passed without another deer sighting. At 8:30 I thought about going home early, at 9:00.

Later, I looked at my watch to see if it was 9:00 yet. Nope.

Crash! I heard something and looked up. A nice buck, a long tuned 8-point was on the hill, wrecking the scrape. Then he walked into the trees, but was coming in my general direction. I lost sight of him. I got my bow and camera and waited to see how this shook out.

The buck appeared behind some trees and walked to the Secret H2O Seep and drank. I rested  my camera on the top wheel of my bow and took pictures.

Next thing I saw him coming behind the scrub trees along the run down fence line that ends 15 yards from me.

He was a mature buck, a nice one for our area. And when I first saw him, from the side, I got my bow in case I got a shot opportunity. But as he moved along the fence I rethought things. He wasn’t as wide as bucks, with the kind of rack he had, usually were. He stopped at the last tree, I had previously ranged it at 15 yards.

Just to put me to the test, I guess, he stepped clear of the last tree and stopped broadside for an instant. Then he walked on, stopping to work a different scrape on his way to the gulch.

A couple more years and this buck will be a knee knocker.

I waited an hour but nothing else happened. Here is the Slide Show of larger pictures of the buck.

[slideshow id=64 w=640 h=615]

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