If there is one word that describes the SLIP System, it is versatility. The Moo Cow Decoy Slipcover from Elk Mountain was designed to provide the ultimate, versatile decoy that could be used for multiple big game species, with multiple weapons.

Almost anywhere you go, on both public and private land, there are cattle. Big game animals such as elk, pronghorn, deer and more learn to co-exist with cattle and they regard them with mild caution at best. Like any other range animal, their body language can affect the other wildlife around them and this is why the Moo Cow Decoy is designed in a very natural, ‘feeding in’ position. If you watch a range cow for any period of time, you will notice it spends 90 percent of its time with its head down, slowly moving forward. Big game animals are not only accustomed to interacting with cattle but also this non-alert posture. Feeding cattle puts all animals at ease and is the perfect pose for hunters or camera people to put a stalk on big game.

The versatile, lightweight Moo Cow Decoy may be used as a stalking blind and also offers a steady rest for a rifle or shotgun or a mount for a video or still camera (the adapters are included with the SLIP System).

The orange ear tag on the Moo Cow is not only realistic but also provides a measure of safety when using it during gun Seasons.

During a recent pronghorn bowhunt, the Moo Cow cover was easily exchanged with the Pronghorn Decoy cover. This also allows the hunter to take advantage of the particular season and behavior of the antelope. Both options provide almost complete concealment when moving in on a herd of antelope.

John Tolbert of Sage Buck Productions had a very successful archery Season, using the Moo Cow Decoy in a very unconventional manner. John set up his Elk Mountain decoys while hunting waterholes. This comment was sent to Jeff Ervin, part owner of Elk Mountain.

John Tolbert and his fine Speedgoat, DIY, OTC Archery 2012

“Hey Jeff, I had a fantastic hunt where I really put the Moo Cow to the test. The water holes that we hunt have a run off that goes down 120 yds from the hole and over the years we have had some quality bucks water too far away for a shot. So what we did was put the decoy toward the bottom of the hole to try and push the goats toward our blinds. Worked to perfection! They were very comfortable with the Moo Cow, but went above it to drink which put these two bucks well within range for a shot”

Frank Potts from Sage Buck Productions…Speedgoat #2!

How do you use your Elk Mountain  SLIP System?
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