The new STEDI STOCK II is a unique, hand-held support system for all optical equipment that provides incredible balance and stability.

Agonic Enterprises (, makers of the original Stedi Stock and other accessories designed for demanding professional
photographers, videographers, hunters and birders, announces Fall 2012 availability of the new and improved Stedi Stock II.

Stedi Stock II was developed after two-years of extensive research, customer feedback and professional input. Several prototypes were developed and field-tested in order to accommodate all Stedi Stock users needs. The most significant improvement made was that the new Stedi Stock II fits more optical devices. From Rangefinders to Spotting Scopes, Binoculars to Digital Cameras, there really isn’t a device that the Stedi Stock II isn’t compatible with.

“ We are very pleased with the new Stedi Stock II,” said Harold Hurst, President of Agonic Enterprises. “This new device is much more functional and I firmly believe that this model will satisfy all the needs and suggestions of our loyal customers.”

Matching the traditional Stedi Stock concept, the Stedi Stock II goes far beyond in terms of operational scope and durability. With a more ridged design, the new model provides much more stability. The Stedi Stock II is also more versatile with not only DSLR cameras but also large video cameras and can handle professional grade cameras with ease. One of the more popular features noticed by consumers is the adjustable mounting system that will simplify adjustment for eye relief and provide users more freedom when operating their optical devices.

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