Bowhunting Deer 2012

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That’s the Barrington Tall pop-up ground blind hiding in the trees above the Secret Water area. Laying on the ground in the bottom right corner is a Pole Limb Trimmer/Saw from Higginbotham’s Building Supply.

Yesterday I decided to set up a ground blind uphill from the Secret Water Seep. At the NWTF show in Nashville I bought a Barringtonn pop up blind at a last minute price. The window system looks workable and the blind is a foot or more taller than what I’ve been using. I worked it in behind some trees.

This is a look from the water area. I trimmed some cedar branches to make a viewing and shooting window.

This is the view from inside the blind. The seep water is less than 10 yards away. Everything looked ready to me.

This morning I was in the Barringtonn blind, bow and all. After daylight I noticed movement to my left and adjujsted the blind so it had a narrow slit on the left side. Through the slit I saw several deer at varying distances. When the sun came above the tree tops some does walked over to the water.

Soon a buck came from the left and stopped about 15 yards away and looked the area over.

A young buck came out of the trees on the opposite hill and walked toward the water. The larger buck intercepted him before he made it to the waters’s edge. They stared at each other.

Meanwhile I noticed some does nearby on the left and checked them out. Suddenly two of them rared up on their hind legs and kicked each other. I moved my camera to the slit but I couldn’t get them framed up fast enough to catch the aggressive interchange. They were still worked up and had their ears back and in each other’s face.

I glanced back to see what was up with my two bucks. Woops…

They were both gone and another buck was here, drinking the water, only a few yards in front of me. One look at the size of this buck’s body and the heavy rack and I took a picture and carefully set my camera down on the ground … and reached for my bow.

As my hand closed around the bow’s grip the buck turned a 180 and started walking straight away, with his butt toward me. It’s not a shot I’ll take. In a few steps he stopped and looked left and right. I eased my bow back to full draw in case he turned left or right and was broadside. He kept going straight, butt end in my face.

An hour later two young bucks walked through the area.

After that I returned home and got to work on this hunt report and pics. What a great morning in the whitetail woods.

Just in case you’d like to see larger pics of the deer this morning I made a Slide Show for you. Enjoy…


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