Woodland Buck from Rinehart Targets

When it comes to creating the “Best archery targets in the world”, any archer will tell you hands down that Rinehart Targets is tough to beat. And in these rough economic times, Rinehart was determined to create a 3D buck target that was ‘recession-proof’ yet still held up to the company’s high standards for long-lasting durability. Enter the Woodland Buck 3-D Target. At an unbeatable suggested retail price of just $159, the Woodland Buck by Rinehart can stand up to endless practice shots and the tightest of ‘target’ budgets.

You’ve drawn your tag and now it’s time to put in the practice hours, ensuring no shot is wasted come fall. The new Woodland Buck is just the ticket for true-to-life practice featuring an alert-forward head, its body in semi-sneak position and big buck eight-point antlers. Long-lasting durability is ensured with Rinehart’s newest innovative and strong Solid FX Foam™ technology completely molded from nose to tail with no fillers. And while Rinehart’s newest Solid FX Foam ensures archers receive the best value for the price point, the core of the target is constructed of Rinehart’s Signature Solid Self-healing foam — ensuring it’ll outlast even your longest, hardest practice session. Plus, like many of Rinehart’s award-winning targets, it features the company’s patented replaceable locking insert — once again saving archers time and money, without sacrificing quality of practice.

Performance and versatility were not left out of the equation when constructing the new Woodland Buck. Archers can practice shots from a wide variety of real-life angles, while its outlined vitals area helps with precision for incredible penetration and a clean, lethal shot. Arrow removal is also incredibly simple— field points, broadheads or even expandables won’t damage or tear this target thanks again to Rinehart’s Signature Solid Self-healing
foam core.

While this buck boasts a simulated weight of a whopping 120lbs, it’s surprisingly lightweight so it can transport easily from your truck to your favorite practice spot and back. And, because Rinehart never wants a little inclement weather to stand between bowhunters and their perfect shot, this rugged, weather-proof target is resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures.

For more information about the new Woodland Buck Target — or Rinehart’s extensive line of premium quality targets for bowhunters and competitive archers — Please go to: Rinehart Targets  or call: (608) 757-8153

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