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South Africa and Namibia, the two most economical countries to bowhunt, continue to be the Mecca for Plains gamebowhunters. July – September is “prime time.”Kudu bulls still seem to be the #1 plains game animal on everybody’s list and I am happy to say that our clients did wellagain. (From left to right, first row) Craig Grassel, Chris Kossmeyer, and Jeff Iverson. (Second row) Kelly Armstrong, Larry Brock, and Tim Gattenby.

Gemsbok is the 2nd most popular species. (From left to right, first row) Daren Roberson, Doug Mills, and Jack Paris.

(Second row) Tom Moleski, Fynn Sagar, and Dwayne Fotty.

With more clients and species than we have room for, here are just a few more. (From left to right, first row) Jack Armstrong,

Darrin West, and Michael Cortner. (Second row) Pam Tanke, Chase Niblock, and Michael Armstrong. (Third row) Jim Pike,

Joe Herold, and Wayne Depperschmidt.

Here is Ryan Kopseng with his nice Cape buffalo bull.

Here are a couple of bowhunters who pursued the ultimate in dangerous game. Tim Metcalf (left) and Jan Seski (right) traveled

to Zimbabwe for elephant.

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