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The original inhabitants of Greenland have hunted with bow and arrow on the tundra and in the mountains since the dawn of history. As a experienced and dedicated bowhunter, Frank Feldmann has helped get bowhunting for Musk Ox legalized in Greenland, and Bowhunting Greenland did the first spot and stalk after the legalization.

Bowhunting Greenland is an approved and registered outfitter company offering only authentic bow and rifle hunting and world class flyfishing in Greenland’s most exquisite and unique watershed and fishery. Using only the best equipment, the trips take place as smoothly and comfortably as possible, while retaining full respect for the wilderness.

A Bowhunting Greenland trip is a most unique and unusual escape from everyday life. Bowhunting in Greenland attract a group of like-minded people. People sharing experience on an isolated journey creates strong bonds and friendships.

We’ll back you up – Adventures at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. When you contact us you are dealing with friendly people who run your trip, not a travel agency. Assistance with flight plans, clothing and equipment planning. Feel free to call and email with any questions you may have. Mobile: 00299 284851. E-Mail: mail@greenlandoutfitters.com.

Frank Feldmann

Outfitter - Frank Feldmann

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