Dead Ringer is proud to announce the release of the Trauma, the Rampage 2 Hybrid and the Rampage 3 Hybrid; the most devastating and durable broadheads the hunting world has ever seen. Incorporating ground breaking innovation and ample feedback from professional hunters and consumers alike, these new broadheads cut like a fixed blade, while delivering field tip accuracy. No other broadhead on the market can match these bone-shattering, flesh-ripping killers.

The Trauma was specifically designed for hunters looking to inflict the most devastating wound channel possible with quality not seen in other manufacturers. Offered in 100 grain and 125 grain. The Trauma is a true action broadhead, with an adjustable deployed cutting width from 2 ½ inches to an absolutely devastating 3 1/8″. Yes, you read that right – 3 1/8 inches. If you are looking for a lethal broadhead, with field tip accuracy that will make your tracking job easier, the Trauma is for you!

The Rampage 2 Hybrid (dual blade) is offered in 100 grain and transforms from a width of 7/8 inches when closed, to a deadly 1 ½ inches upon deployment. The Rampage 3 Hybrid (triple blade) is offered in 100 grain and 125 grain, with a cutting diameter of 7/8 inches when closed opening to a vicious 1 ½ inches upon deployment, providing a massive 4 inches of total cutting surface.

All three of these monsters leave gaping exits wounds! The Rampage broadheads were crafted to have a low profile, which minimizes the typical airfoil issues seen with other fixed blade broadheads. The hybrid design of the Rampage 2 and Rampage 3 offer the best of both worlds, with fiercely sharp cutting surfaces both when closed and when deployed.

Dead Ringer kicked open the doors of the hunting world with their innovative, functional and easy to use universal shotgun sights, making quick target acquisition, accuracy and durability affordable to everyone. Since that time they have added an array of top notch optics, blinds, decoys and other tactical/hunting accessories, while maintaining focus on their primary objectives; quality and affordability. Professional and consumer feedback fuels Dead Ringer’s innovation.

Dead Ringer has engineered the Trauma & Rampage line of broadheads to incorporate 0.32 thousandths thick spring stainless steel blades, which are an industry best and are virtually indestructible. The T-6 aluminum ferrule has also set an industry standard for toughness; crafted from the same material used in NASCAR wheel axles. The chisel tip design shatters bone on impact allowing the blades to maintain kinetic energy longer, while cutting deeper than any other blade available.
These killers are uniquely designed with double beveled blades, which are hand sharpened to improve bone and tissue-cutting performance on even the biggest and toughest of prey. Additionally, the Trauma, Rampage 2 and Rampage 3 have the most durable O-ring retention system available. All of our broadheads have been tested to over 400fps with no pre-deployment. This new design ensures dependable blade containment and deployment at all times.

It’s time to step into the new revolution in broadhead design. Don’t be a caveman! Failure is not an option with the Dead Ringer Trauma and the Dead Ringer Rampage!

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