Rope Ratchet – Makes Tying Down Easier.

The amazing ‘ROPE RATCHET’™ from CAROLINA NORTH Mfg, has made obsolete, the rope, the elastic cord and the web ratchet for all forms of tying items down.

ROPE RATCHET is a real boon to all outdoorsmen who transport everything from boats, motorcycles, jet ski’s and any other of the hundred different items from boxes to crates to tarps to furniture and for the stand hunter, secure your ladder stand to make sure you stand tight to the tree.

Manufactured from heavy duty, #6 – 30% Glass Filled Nylon outer casing, interior mechanisms from Die Cast Zinc and fitted with solid braided polyester rope with Zinc plated steel hooks, the patented ‘ROPE RATCHET’™ is a super tough unit perfect for all levels of tie-down needs.

Available in 5 Sizes, ‘ROPE RATCHETS’ cover a wide variety of home, play and work use. For light jobs there is the 1/8” model with a max. load limit of 75 lbs. The new 3/16” has a max. load limit of 110 lbs. The ¼” model will hold 150 lbs, the 3/8” model 250 lbs and the ½” model handles 500 lbs.

The ‘ROPE RATCHET’ is so easy to use. One simply secures the hooked ends of the rope to, around or through the particular load and then pulls the loose end until tight. The ratchet system will not let the rope slip back nor stretch. Once pulled tight the rope stays tight. To relax rope an easy to use Thumb Release is pressed. No more fooling around with ropes and complicated, difficult knots and loose cargo. No more elastic cords that stretch, snap back and break.

If you transport anything that requires a secure tie-down for work or play, nothing beats the amazing ‘ROPE RATCHET’™.

Another great product from Carolina North is the Hang Em High Hoist, the perfect way to hoist and secure feeders, game for processing and more.

Available at Home Depot, Lowes, True Value, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and many other fine stores.

For videos: CLICK HERE

For more information go to the newly redesigned web site: Rope Ratchet

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