By: Jason Herbert

Robinson Outdoors releases an entertaining and informative annual DVD series called “Secrets of the Pro’s”. The lessons taught are timeless in regards to a strategic scent control plan. This blog series is going to detail the lessons taught in particular segments, provide a link for online viewing, and challenge the reader to continue to strive for a more strict scent control regimen.

Secrets of the Pro’s Segment #1

It’s important for hunters to know that most big game animals depend on their sense of smell for survival over all others. We should also know that human odor is the granddaddy of all alarm smells in the woods. That being said, we need to educate ourselves as to how these smells are created before we can being to overcome them. In this eight minute segment, led by Robinson Outdoors President Scott Shultz, learn the science behind how human odors are created. Among others, Scott discusses human skin regeneration, perspiration, dietary odors, and glandular odors. Also watch David Blanton use his knowledge of scent control on a memorable “hang-n-hunt” in a thick river bottom.   Hunter’s need to understand the challenges they face, and implement an entire system to overcome them. This video segment is sure to get everyone on the right track.


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