Bowhunting Deer 2012

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I got derailed from posting a few days because I got pneumonia. Anyway the shots and pills seem to have it on the run and I got back in the woods this afternoon. It was great to be outside again. Before long 3 does came into the area.

The does walked around as the afternoon passed. Here, one is laying down in the background.

This area is called the Rolled Wire. I have 6 stands covering 300 yards that run along the Rolled Wire fence line. The opposite side of the property fence is a mixture of scrubby oaks and ceders, it is a secluded bedding area that has held many of the bucks that I’ve shared pictures of with you for over 15 years. Nobody hunts that area, a real plus.

All during the rut the area on my side of the fence attracts does that wait around to meet up with bucks. But it’s tricky to hunt, because if the does get spooked, obviously so do the bucks. Going to the stands earlier in the morning is necessary. And so is being extra stealthy leaving in low light. Based on past experience, if I put pressure on these deer this honey hole is all over.

There is a cross fence 100 yards away and I saw a doe walking along next to it.

Very soon afterward a buck came down the fence with his nose to the ground. When he got closer he hopped the fence and smelled around.

He looked around. A nice looking buck with a nearly white rack. I recognized him from earlier pictures when he was in velvet.

He turned his head and let me share a picture of him from the side. I think I’ll call this buck “Whitey.” Right now he is looking for the doe at the end of the trail he is following.

It was easy to tell when Whitey located the doe. He hurried into some trees between us.

He rushed forward and was hard to keep up with because of the trees that had hid the doe from him as well as me. But deer parts were moving in those trees and I Soneyed up, just in case. The doe blew out of the trees and ran right by me at about 35 yards.

Close behing her, the Whitey buck came out of the trees and I got him in the viewfinder.

And I got him again as he went in front of my new ground blind stand.

And a 3rd picture as he entered the trees to my right and went out of view. He is moving a lot faster than it might look in these pictures.

The other 3 does did what I did, and watched, and then continued to hang around. Another attraction in this particular area is the oak trees are loaded with acorns and there is plenty of browsing to be done here.

So sometimes people ask me, “Why didn’t you pick up your bow instead of your camera?”

Two reasons. First, I don’t take running shots. Too much of a risk for a bad hit.

Secondly, Whitey a very cool buck with a beautiful colored rack and long tines and if he can hang around for 2 to 3 more years he will be even more impressive.

And actually there is a 3rd Reason. I’m hunting my own property, adjacent to the 1,000 acre deer lease I’ve been on for 28 years.

Both in terms of walking Whitey and finding a more mature buck this season, I’ve got an ace in the hole.

Just like the Rolling Stone said it, Time is on my side.


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