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Saturday – Dec 29

The morning hunt was cold, with sub freezing temperatures and blasting wind. Timm was the only one that hunted. We all saw the same amount of deer, none. We ate eggs, sausage and leftover breaded wild hog backstrap for breakfast. Afterward, the Duck and Robbie loaded up their gear and went home.

Afternoon Hunt: Timm hunted the Point and saw a doe that had a buck scent trailing it. I saw a doe and a button buck minutes after 4:00. The doe walked to the nearby scrape and urinated on the ground and stood around for about a minute and then left the way it came.

As daylight faded I saw 3 does are in the field to the south. They were starring at something across the field that I couldn’t see. When they were out of sight I slipped out of the blind and walked back to the house.

Friday – Dec 28

The morning was freezing temperatures and high winds. Nothing moved. Timm Getts arrived at 8:00. Nobody else was in yet so we went to Aristacats Cafe and ate breakfast.

A couple of deer were seen and Robbie and Justin saw some hogs but no shots were taken.

Afternoon Hunt: Saw 3 does back in the woods before 4:00.Temp is 30 degrees and wind is reported as 12mph. The temp plunged at 5:00 and the wind picked up a little.

Soon I saw the big 6-pt and he chased 4 does out of the trees in the gulch. They circled and he cut them off and cornered them in front of my blind.

After looking the does over he walked away and the does spread out. Then he returned and they all wound up 10 – 15 yards away. I wanted the deer to stay around and maybe they would lure the big 9 up. But the 6 charged the does and they all left.

Timm saw 9 deer, including 2 bucks. Robbie saw a big group of wild hogs and the Duck saw some deer. No shots.

Thursday – Dec 28

The Duck cooked up chicken fried, fresh wild hog backstrap and scrambled eggs. It was a great breakfast.

Here are Robbie and Justin with their wild hogs.

Wednesday – Dec 26

The Duck, Don Beckwith, and his son Robbie are came down Wednesday afternoon. Also Justin Red came down to hunt. Both Robbie and Justin shot wild hogs on their afternoon bowhunts. The Duck and I didn’t see anything.

Tuesday – Dec 25

I got up at 5:15am, ate breakfast, drank coffee and pulled on my hunting pants. Thunder sounded, lightning lit the area up … and the electricity went off in the house. Not really a threat to my intended pre Christmas morning hunt, but the pouring rain that followed was. I sat in the dark for 5 minutes. And the predicted wind speed of 7-mph changed to howling, limb shaking high winds. So I got a couple more hours more sleep.

Sunday – Dec 23

Afternoon Hunt: Very overcast and only 66 degrees. It has been windy the last two days with wind speeds up to 35mph. however the wind laid down this afternoon and I got my bow. Looks like a good deer moving afternoon. We’ll see.

Saw a young spike and a forky at my spot around 4:30, but nothing since. Nothing going on. Daylight is fading fast.

Friday – Dec 21

Morning Hunt: 18 degrees this morning. says it’s calm but I feel some cold wind blowing. Had 2 eggs with a toasted English muffin and orange marmalade. Plus coffee and some kind of new drink that tastes good. Gotta start putting on the cold weather clothes.

Getting a little light on the surroundings. The wind either stopped or went calm. The trees in the east have a failing streak of oncoming daylight. It won’t be long until we know if I’m the only one out in the cold this morning or not.

A doe came in close before the light was any good. Then two groups of 3, at 30 and 100 yds.  Soon 4 does gathered in the trees along the gulch and walked around. Then they went over the hill to the south.

I glassed my blind by the seep. Holy Cow the wind from the last two days got it tangled in the trees and my chair is setting there by itself.

Deer-30 again. Yesterday it was rockin but not this afternoon. Although I saw a solo doe an hour ago.

Thursday – Dec 20

Morning: When my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed and walked out on my porch. Yikes! We’re talking windy. Cold too. I checked on my iPhone: 32 degrees and a wind speed of 35 to 40 degrees. I pulled the covers back and climbed in.

Wednesday – Dec 19

Morning Hunt: I wonder why the coffee tastes different some days? I make it the same way every day. Anyway, I’m in the pre deerhunt phase of the hint, gonna need another half cup to be right.

Yesterday morning, there were lots of deer pics on my 4 Spypoint cameras. But I didn’t hunt. So it might be good, deer wise, this morning too. It’s 56 degrees and 7-mph SSE wind. The moon is not up until noon so it is mighty dark out. It’s off to the morning hunt.

Almost daylight. Got a big doe in the seep and another nice doe in the nearby trees. But they moved on without dropping in for a visit. And that was it for today.

Afternoon Hunt: It’s Deer-30 and 4 does are 100 yards off and slowly browsing toward me.

Now there is a 5th one. They separated and browsed around every place except my immediate bow range area. After they left I saw two solo does and a group of 3 does before darkness settled in.

Tuesday – Dec 18

I’m thinking its another doe day. And I see a volunteer just barely visible, 15 yards to my left. I’m waiting to see if it gets in my shooting lane.  Then 3 other does joined the doe. They are still off to my left and not they all keep watching something.

The something was a mature six point, a different one than I’ve been seeing. He walked over to the does and they scattered … except one, the smallest. It has coal black hocks and the buck fell in with her and they are walking around together. The other does stopped 50 yards away and are watching.

3 more does came in the area and the 6 hurried over to them and they ignored him. Now he’s hurrying back to the small doe.

Ok, it came down like this. With the buck hanging with the young; but black hocked doe, they stayed around where I was — if the 9-pt saw them he would very likely come over. So I bet this afternoon’s stack of chips on that.

And the 9 didn’t show.

But something that influenced my decision I didn’t talk about yesterday afternoon … I saw the 9 come out of the trees and check everything. (70 yards away.) There was nothing around and he took a right and did the buck walk to the north. This afternoon there was a rival buck — with a doe — right here. And I’d bet my black hat that the 9 would’ve been all over them.

Monday -Dec 17

3 weeks left of our season. The 2nd rut should kick in now. Deer were moving yesterday and I saw some bucks. Can’t wait to get out this morning. Breakfast done. Time to suit up, Batman.

It is officially Deer-30 in the Morning. If there were any deer around I could see them now.

The big 6-point walked through north to east. He’s been an 8-point for at least the last 3 years. He walked slow and smelled the ground several times and looked all around. He was very cool to watch.

The ‘ol sun ball, as Lil Abner used to call it, is just about to pop over them there tree tops.

Sunday – Dec 16

Afternoon: I’ve been waiting an hour and seeing no deer. Now it is almost Deer-30. The rest of the afternoon I’m using the Timm Getts method, if a doe gets in range I’m shooting.

The buck went into the trees and I lost track of him. Two does came from the north. I have an empty cow feeding tub to the far left of my blind and the does walked to it and drank, we had a rain last night and apparently it was enough to leave drinkable water in the tub. They were too far to the left to make a safe thot. (Tomorrow I’ll have to make sure the tub is full of water.) They were less than 10 yards away but I couldn’t get a shot.

I saw some other deer movement to the north and put the binocs on them. Then I looked all around the area to check on things. Wow. A buck had sprung out of the ground and was standing 20 yards away. His back was to me and his rack was wide, thick and high.

My first thought was that it was the 9-point. He turned his head. The tines were too short for the 9. But he was still a dandy buck.

I passed. And I guess he wanted to flaunt his goodness for me and he walked to the tub and drank water. Then he continued to the west. That was the last deer that I saw.

Saturday – Dec 15

The old thermometer on the porch reads 54 degrees. reports a 6 mph wind speed WSW. That’s the opposite of normal. Just breakfast-ed up and it’s getting ready time.

Moonrise is at 9:24AM so it’s double dark in the woods this morning.

The first deer were 3 does, they came from the woods to the north. They got close, 15 yards or less, and a 4th doe hurried up to them from the opposite direction. While I was looking behind her to see if there was a buck following, I noticed all 4 were looking to the west. They stood there for 5 minutes. I got my bow, just in case.

It was a doe and it walked by the watching does. Then they all dispersed and wandered around the area browsing.

A 5th doe ran in from the south, it had its flag flying. That could mean a buck was following her … but it didn’t.

Then a 6th doe came down the east hill. It didn’t dally around and went on to the north.

Eventually all the deer went away. It was a busy day for the gun hunters, I heard around 20 shots.

Friday – Dec 14

Didn’t get out until 5:00. Saw 6 does right away , 90 yds off. Then 3 other does came through 50 yds away.

Thursday – Dec 13

Morning:  Making breakfast. says 26 degrees and light wind. The 26 is right, hope the wind is too. Didn’t get to hunt yesterday but today I’m back in the deer woods.

Been sitting in the dark for quite a while. Coyotes are wailing in the distance. A little light is on the horizon to the east, won’t be long now till “seeing time.”

The sunrise didn’t have any nice colors again this morning. Now it’s light out. No deer in sight so far there is definitely a pattern to the deer movement this morning. None.

Afternoon: On my way to my afternoon hunting spot I came up on an 8-point. Wide rack but thin and short tines. We looked at each other and then he hurried off. Right afterward I saw a spike and a doe. Right now I’ve been on stand for half an hour and seen no deer.

Near the end of the day 3 does walked a long ways to stroll by me out of range.

Tuesday – Dec 11

Afternoon: Saw one doe after 4:00, half an hour ago. It waited around where the scrape is and then walked back the way she came. At Deer-30 I see 3 does walking along single file in the trees along the gulch to the east.

Minutes later a nice looking buck came out of the north. He paused to smell the ground several times.

The does went to the water seep. He came over by me and saw the does. This buck is a six point.

Then he intercepted the does and rerouted them to the north back to the gulch. But he didn’t follow them.

The buck walked to the hill to the east and now he is in the shadows of the day’s end.

A pleasant afternoon in the deer woods. Live is good.

Monday – Dec 10

Afternoon: The clock ticked the time away until Deer-30. Shortly after I noticed the rack of a buck standing 90 yards away to the north looking in my direction. I picked up my new Alpen  binocs and looked up for the buck. He was walking slowly through the trees. Daylight was fading and not the best light for pictures but I got my camera and took some pics of him anyway.

He wasn’t the buck I’ve been hunting. He was nicely outside his ears but his tines were not as long as the other buck. He walked past the scrape without giving it a glance and went to the H2O Seep. He drank water and then walked toward my scrape blind and stopped in front of me, 16 yards away.

He looked around the entire area, completely relaxed and at ease.

Next he walked toward my blind and passed so close I could barely fit him in the camera’s viewfinder.

After he passed by me I waited briefly and made a small slit in the blind’s back window and watched him leisurely walk along for at lease 150 yards. He was the only deer I saw this afternoon. It was cool.

Morning: 28 degrees according to my outside thermometer. 13 mph wind per I’m trying to decide, go to the stand at the scrape, the water seep or the rolled wire. I’ll drink a cup of coffee and decide.

I went to the blind at the H2O Seep. Last night the wind had blown the blind around real hard and it pulled up two of the corner stakes. Two sides of it were all twisted up in the tree limbs. I decided to walk to the blind at the scrape.

Through the blind’s window it’s like looking at the inside of a coal mine … that’s windy as heck.

Later: Aha, two does are at the water seep. So maybe some deer will move. One of the does walked right in front if me and I iPhoned her up.You can see my SpyPoint camera on the tree behind the deer.

Sunday – Dec 9

Sunday morning I had the sound turned off on my phone, from hunting the afternoon before, so I didn’t hear the alarm go off. Slept til’ 9:15am. Totally slept through the morning hunt.

Afternoon: The wind changed directions an hour ago and says it’s dragging in a cold snap. The temperature has already dropped from 77 to 58 degrees. Hmmm, I can just feel the bucks’ skin quivering with the surprise chill in the air.

I saw one unidentified deer in the trees and that was it. The temperature was in the high 40’s and the wind was gusting stoutly. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be below freezing.

Saturday – Dec 8

Two eggs, I think there’s a Texas town called that. Anyway, I put two down and a slice of raisin bread toast. One thing I know is the eggs stick to your ribs longer than the pop tarts I’ve been eating for years do. A cup of coffee and I’m on the way to the scrape stand.

Three deer shadows so far. The loner went to the scrape and pawed it and yanked what’s left of the overhanging branch. Still too dark to tell if it was a buck or a doe.

Getting more light in the woods. If there was a buck to see I could see him.

No deer activity here after daylight. But there were plenty all around for the first hour of daylight. (Lots of gun shots.) Gonna give it til 9:30 and call it a morning.

The afternoon hunt was uneventful.

Friday – Dec 7

(Only was able to hunt in the afternoon.) It’s TGIF at Secret Stand #117. Got an introduction to bowhunting planned for the happy hour crowd. (But they didn’t show.)

Thursday – Dec 6

Morning Hunt:  Coulda used another hour’s pillow time. On well. Maybe a big buck will wake me up. 37 degrees and light wind. Should be on stand earlier than usual this morning.

Foggy out! Maybe that will keep the deer out longer. Come on daylight.

The fog is hanging in. But visibility is better. I see 2 does about 50 yards to the south. They are under some oak trees eating acorns.

2 does just came out of the woods to the north, flags up and running. They zipped by me and I didn’t see anything behind them. I pulled the blind’s south window down to watch them. They went into the field to the south and ran back and forth a few times. (200 – 300 yards away) Some other deer got in the mix. But it is still too foggy to tell if there was a buck.

Two does came down to the seep. When they left they walked by me at 10 yards. Here’s one via my iPhone.

Oh yea. Did you notice the other deer in the picture????

The afternoon hunt was pleasant but no deer hung out where I was at the water seep.

Wednesday – Dec 5

Morning Hunt:  38 degrees. Calm. I was pretty much awake. Finished 2 eggs and raisin toast. The moon is supposed to be out but it’s not lighting up anything outside. I ‘ll be at the stand in 5 minutes.

A buck fight. Three bucks are taking turns locking horns. A 4th is nearby. They started about 50 yards away and are 80 now. It’s still half dark, daylight is coming slow. I looked at the bucks with my binoculars but it was too dark to make their details out.

Daylight is here. The fighters are long gone. Two does came from the south and are drinking water now.

The does went off to the north. Then either they picked up a younger doe or 3 different does came out if the woods to the north. At the edge of the trees they cut to my left and went west.

Afternoon Hunt: First seen, 3 does together and two solo does. An XL sized buck is following one of the does. The buck has either got a very small rack or has broken main beams. Another buck just walked up and is in the cedar trees. I can’t see his rack very well but he looks ok.

Tuesday – Dec 4

Afternoon Hunt: Got out late, 5:01pm. Was only in the blind a minute and a doe came out if the gulch and into view along the wood’s edge. Can’t believe she didn’t see me coming up.

Then 5 deer walked within 30 yards of me. One was a spike and he kept getting up on the back of one of the does.

Afterward, 3 more does came around my blind from behind and on the left side. Some left north and some south. Maybe this means the deer will move again.

Sunday – Dec 2

I ate 2 eggs and waited for my friend Dwayne Glover to get here for coffee before our hunt This morning. John Askew came over too too. The Duck and his brother Paul also came down to hunt a few days.

A nice morning, however, a deer-less morning. Dwayne saw a couple of does and heard wild turkeys. The afternoon hunts were uneventful. Deer just aren’t moving now.

Saturday – Dec 1

A doe came down to my H2O water seep. Another deer was in the trees but I couldn’t get an ID on it. It turned out to be a doe too. The second doe walked over to the scrape and stood around by it. Then she left it and went toward the woods. The other doe followed.

After the does left two other deer ran up out of the gulch and chased back in forth . If there was a buck I never saw him. Then 3 different does went to the seep. I’m wondering where the 9-point is.

The 3 does walked to the south. In a few they hurried back. They walked near the scrape too. Then they left.

Friday – Nov 30

In the scrape watch blind before dawn. I definitely put in too many clothes this morning. I read the temp as 45 but it didn’t compute right to my sleepy brain. The moon had the place lit up enough to see deer shadows, of which there are none … yet.

This morning there was nothing happening. Zero deer.

Thursday – Nov 29

Bought a microwave egg poacher and made 2 eggs this morning. Tasted great. Breakfast Blend coffee was good too. Leaving out for the ground blind at the H2O Seep to see if Big Boy 9 will stop by on his way to bed down.
Daylight came and already 7 deer were through the area. 6 drank water. They were a group of 2 and 3 and the rest were solo. Most of them went by the scrape as well as the water seep.
I’d say the peak of the rut has gone bye bye.
After the morning hunt I took my new Bear Archery bow over to my friend Jim Mitchell’s ranch. The bow setup master and world champion archer Gene Curry gave the Bear Eclipse his magic touch and had me shooting good in no time. Pictures and Comments…

Gene Curry setting up my new Eclipse from Bear Archery.

Wednesday – Nov 28
Saw 2 does this afternoon. They came by my scrape blind and went to the H2O water seep and drank. Then they browsed around until dark. This has been an over the top year for the acorn crop. They are still everywhere. Here are some by the scrape tree.

Monday – Nov 27

Met Collin Cottrell of C3 Engage at the local Mc D’s for lunch. we had a good visit and meeting about our Facebook pages. When I returned home UPS had left a cool surprise on my doorstep.

Back during turkey season Timm Getts was down and he had the latest bow, quiver, sight, etc. from Bear Archery, all in black. I was very impressed with the way it all went together and contacted Bear. However, I was hunting this afternoon and only had time to get ready and hit the woods. I’ll have to wait to see what Fred Bear’s guys sent in the packages tomorrow after a good night’s sleep and the morning hunt.

Monday – Nov 26

The deer all slept in this morning but I did see 3 bucks and several does in the afternoon.

Sunday Nov 25

Morning: Two does at the top if the hill to the east, browsing around underneath the oak trees was the start of the morning, deer wise. I hunted in a blind where I could see the scrape the big 9-point used. Three does came out of the trees and drank at the H2O Seep. Then they are hanging out to the right of my blind.

Ol’ Mr Wind started mixing it up in the air flow waves. But it is stayed warm.

Afternoon: On the afternoon hunt I returned to the scrape blind. After the sun sunk inti the trees I saw a dark, long deerish object walking in the trees along the gulch (70-80 yards away.) I glassed it and saw the big set of antlers of the Big 9-point. I took what few pictures I could get. Here he is in the woods. You can also see the scrape tree, it has the Spypoint Tiny-W2 camera around it.

And below is a little better picture, actually he is further away in this pic but I zoomed in on him.

Saturday – Nov 24

Mid 30’s and calm. Yesterday’s wind storm settled during the night. This morning is a game changer … I’m looking at 5 does traveling together. The rut is phasing out.

A big 6-pt walked through my valley. Took it slow and easy and smelled all around. He stopped and drank water at the H2O Seep and I got his picture. He is fat and buff.

Minutes before 7:00 the big 9-pt came from the south and went straight to my H2O water place. (But, as I said, I’m In the next stand down by a scrape he is using.) He stuck his nose in the water and drank. I zoomed in as tight as possible and took his picture.

Afterward, he started in my direction. Immediately I put the camera down and got my bow and hooked my release on the string loop. He was 50 yards and closing at a walk. An unexpected loud noise of an unseen vehicle speeding down the road and making a loud metallic noise as it roughly crossed the cattle guard 200 yards away. Even though the vehicle was out of sight the buck was having none of that and he turned and quickly disappeared into the woods to the east.

Wednesday – Nov 21

Went to the H2O blind bright and early. No deer showed up this morning.

Afterward I checked my Spypoint camera on a scrape near the H2O and the wireless receiver had 89 pictures. Two got my attention. This one.

I immediately recognized this buck as the 9-point I took pictures in the Summer. He stepped up to the scrape this Monday at 6:26 pm.  It was darkish then but chances are good that he was in the area while it was still daylight.

The camera is the SpyPoint Tiny W2, a wireless camera that transmits to a separate receiving unit 100 yards away. How cool is that, I didn’t even have to go to the scrape to check the pictures.

This is the second picture.

He’s a big 8-point with a crab claw on the right main beam. He is standing right at the scrape. I already have 2 stands within 60 yards of where he is. And I will be in one of them in the morning.

Monday – Nov 19

I ate oatmeal and raisin toast with a pear and a cup of homemade Dunkin Donuts coffee. Wanted to be out plenty early this morning. Yesterday I stashed a ladder stand in some tall grass near where I’m hunting. Bad idea, I tripped on the sucker going in. So much for a stealthy approach. (It turns out that was just a preview of stepping on stuff in the grass.)

The sun turned the horizon pink and yellow and sent its rays through the trees. Nice. First deer this morning was a lone doe that hurried through east to west.

Yikes. A solo doe walked out of the trees to the west and walked my way. Unexpectedly, she turned around and went back to the trees and flagged. Then another doe, followed closely by 4 or 5 bucks, came zooming through the trees and went out of sight. In the words of Jason Allen, “what a rush.”

Two hours later the wide buck I saw yesterday walked by my ground blind on the left side, 15 yards and getting further. I can see through that side window slit but can’t shoot through it because the blind is wedged in some cedars. If he’d of walked by the front I’m thinking we might’ve had a talk about archery. But he didn’t.

Afterward, I checked my game cameras to see if I got a picture of the buck. I have 3 SpyPoint cameras in the area and somehow that buck threaded through them without triggering one. That there tells you just how lucky some bucks are.

My chair in the blind started squeaking and creaking this morning. I had to watch my movement so it wouldn’t make noises. I made a mental note to get another chair for this blind.

Billy Don brought over a tripod with a chair but it has metal gun hunter railes on it. I unscrewed them and started yanking to get them off the unit. And managed to step on a small board with a long rusty nail and got a direct hit on my my left foot. Oh boy it hurt. And it still does.  I’ll get a tetanus shot in the morning instead of hunting.

Sunday – Nov 18

Back at the H2O Seep. The sun looked like fire on the horizon at daybreak. 32 degrees. No wind. My buddies Billy Don, John, Bryant, Colt and Justin are down.

A Bomber buck worked a scrape 90 yds away. Then he walked slowly off to the south. Had a fat belly and a nice golden color rack.

Deer ears in the brush 50 yards away got my attention. I glassed and saw some antler parts. I got my bow and held it between my legs and picked up my camera so I had both possibilities covered. He stood stone still and took his time but when he moved he came to the H2O water place and sprayed his scent all around. He had a pretty 8-pt rack and when he looked my direction he was all of 20 inches wide. I took his picture and waited for him to turn his head again and get a pic of that spread.

Oops, my bow slipped and fell over. He jumped at the noise but it didn’t spook him. He still hung around but not in front of my shooting window.

Later on two does hung out by me and drank from the seep water.
Photo: Here are two does that are hanging out by me now.
Here is my hunting buddy Bryant Askew with the wild boar he arrowed this morning. Bryant heard hogs grunting, growling and squealing in the brush and got out of his tripod … and went looking for them. When he found the group he snuck up to them and took a 15 yard shot and put the black, bad boy down. Bryant is a Fire Fighter in the DFW area and his station’s nickname is the Hogs and they’ve been asking Bryant to get them a big boar to mount and display there. He got it done today.

Saturday – Nov 17

Morning – In the first hour I saw 8 does. And an 8-pt came down the hill to my right and worked a scrape. Then he went to another scrape and gave it a thrashing. Next up was a 2nd buck and he worked one of the scrapes too.

Later another doe showed up and walked over by my blind to drink water. Most of the does I saw this morning are solo. Two of the bucks were walking around and one was with a doe. He was mature but the other two were first year antler types.

Bottom line, the rut is still on.

The afternoon hunt was uneventful.

Friday – Nov 16

Morning – In the dark of the earliest part of the sunrise I saw several deer shapes. A big one walked over to the H2O site, where I am, and drank water . It was so dark that I could not tell what kind of rack it had. Another deer came to the water and a different one chased after it. Two does came over to the nearby scrape (60 yards) and waited around. Some other deer showed up also.

Coyotes began howling and yipping to the west and then they circled in close to the north. All the deer snuck off to the west.

Afternoon – Hunting at the cross fence at the Rolled Wire. Just after  4:30 a big buck came from the south. I heard him coming. Something had buggered him and he was walking swiftly. One look and I got my bow.

My treestand is next to a fence line and he was coming along it. He jumped it 50 yards away and stopped in some trees directly across from me.
He was just past of my comfort zone and I waited. I wanted to get his picture but didn’t want to put my bow up. He watched back the way he came a bit and walked left leisurely to the West.
He had all the right stuff, big mature body, wide rack with long tines.

Thursday – Nov 15

Ice was on the ground walking out to the ground blind so it was nice and chilly. Before good light I saw a big bodied deer drinking water. Even in the low light I could tell he had lots of stuff on his head. Glassed him (he was about 60 yds) as the dim light improved. Wow. Wide, long tines – every one, and heavy. This buck was definitely in my radar.

Then 2 does stopped by the scrape. Then another doe came there and a young 8-pt followed her. Big Boy walked over to all of them. He was relaxed and so were they.

Next another wide 8-pt joined them. Mature but a couple years younger than the big dog.

The area cleared out soon and I had some scattered deer sightings over the next two hours.

After the hunt I put a SpyPoint game camera back at the H2O Water area. I already have a ground blind there and checked it carefully to be sure everything was ok. I’m gonna be there tomorrow morning.

Tuesday – Nov 13

After the morning hunt Billy Don and I went to the Slew Hole with the Limb Lopers and made sure we had a better shooting lane situation. The next buck through the area might get a surprise archery experience.

Afternoon Hunt:

In the last hour a solo doe came through by my H2O blind and drank right in front of me. I saw 3 more does coming through the woods and noticed a buck behind them, a nice 3 1/2 year old with a pretty rack. He moved the does around a little bit and stopped 5 yards away and briefly gulped down some water. Another doe came up on the right and he walked after it.

Soon 2 of the does went to the closest scrape, about 40 yards, and stood around there for 10 minutes. Then it got dark.

Billy Don hunted TE’s Folly and a calf size, black, wild boar come out of the river and walked right to him. He got a shot but the hog stopped just as he released and the arrow missed.

Morning Hunt: I had lots of activity. The bucks were dogging does. But nothing was close enough. Billy Don saw 15 deer this morning at the Slew Hole. Three nice bucks. One was 10 yards but slipped by him.

Monday – Nov 12

My hunting buddy Billy Don Van Cleave is down to bowhunt for a few days.

Afternoon Hunt: Two does are walking along the fence toward my treestand. A 3rd doe is at the nearby scrape. Earlier a doe waited at the scrape and a buck came over to her and they went in the woods together. Now 2 does are standing across the fence near the stand. They are watching the woods behind them .

Billy Don hunted the Slew Hole and saw several does. He almost had a shot opportunity at a doe under his treestand.

Morning Hunt: 36 degrees this morning and light but chilly wind. Had a lone, big momma doe hang out for awhile. She kept looking around and watching. There are scrapes all around here right now but no bucks showed up so she left.


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