Ever since I received and got my new Bear Archery bow and accessories set up I’ve been anxious to see what they can do on the hunt. And just in time for Christmas dinner I got my chance.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Fred Bear. plain and simple, Fred Bear was my hero. As a kid I read numerous articles by Fred in the archery magazines.

I got my first bow on my 8th birthday and had a couple of garage sale bows later on. At 15 I joined an archery club and very soon I purchased my first real bow, a Bear Cub recurve. My next bow was a Bear Grizzly and it went with me on many hunts. And I still have it today, it’s like an old friend and sparks many wondrous memories.

There was more to Fred Bear than his bows. I remember the first Bowquiver he made for his bows. It was innovative and had distinctive characteristics that made it work perfectly with his bows. All Fred’s accessories were distinctive and they worked better than anything else there was.

The compound craze got me in 1978. The first one I bought was a Bear Whitetail Hunter.  Later I moved to other brands of compounds.

When my friend Timm Getts bowhunted wild turkey with me this Spring I was blow away by his bow and accessories from Bear Archery. The way they fit and worked together struck a chord with me and reminded me of Fred Bear’s innovations: unique, distinctive, influential, forward thinking … and made and tested by and for bowhunters.

Since receiving my new Bear Empire I’ve shot it almost every day. I feel really centered with this bow in my hand. It fits me like my Bear Grizzly did, comfortable, a part of me … and I feel confident with it.

When I have this bow in my hands I feel like I’ve come back to my roots.

Continued …