By: Gary Elliott

Tired of trying to level off ground on a hill or ridge to get your old blind to sit flat? Tired of standing up only to have to duck your head? Well then check out the new ground blind from Ameristep called “The Switch”.


The framework is designed much like a canopy and can be setup by one person. I found the canopy style frame to spread out easily and smoothly. Each leg can be individually adjusted and moves quietly and smoothly up and down. Once adjusted you can easily spread out the legs and now take the outer shell and put over the frame. The outer shells can be purchased separately and in Realtree® APG™, Realtree®MAX-1™ and Realtree® MAX-4™.

Ameristep also has alternative weather resistant outer shells available. I found the outer shell easy to put on but would be easier with another person. Once put on the top center it just drapes over the frame and can be zipped up once done. Stakes and tie downs are available and total weight with everything is around 25 lbs. and the pack dimensions are 10” by 46” so not a ground blind you want to keep carry long distances but, one you would put up and could leave up for some time, as I did. The shoulder straps make it easy to carry over your shoulders and are well sewn. The blind adjusts from 60” to 88” for you tall guys and gals or if you just need to stretch now and then. The window system is so versatile. You can basically have any type of window configuration to fit any type of shooting whether you use a bow, crossbow or rifle it will accommodate. +

Overall, I have found the blind to be extremely versatile, practical for one person to setup and room for 2. The outer shell is very durable and you can buy others outer shells to fit your environment. Not many if any other ground blinds offer that. So much space for shooting and the shoot through mesh really are awesome. Priced at $299.99 but I have seen it cheaper on the internet makes this a good investment for a ground blind and will last you many years. For more please go to: Ameristep

Review Written by: Gary Elliott