By: Kim Blaskowski

I was so excited for elk season this year. I had hunted last year but only had 2 weekends to hunt and never even saw an elk. My first morning out we walked for what seemed like hours until my husband said “This looks good, nock an arrow and get ready”

I get settled in, he bugles and immediately gets a response from a bull that is very close. Before I knew it, the bull was running dead toward me but then he suddenly hit the brakes and stopped. I had no idea how near/far away he was so I took a chance and slowly brought my rangefinder up. Huge mistake as he picked up the movement and bolted away leaving me in the dust and disappointment.

Second morning out my hubby calls in another bull but I have the same problem. I don’t know the distance between us and its a repeat of the previous day, he runs away also. How frustrating! Needless to say, elk season ended without me punching my tag.

Then, while walking the aisles of a hunting show looking for new and exciting, must have products I came across a product called ‘Dead-On Range Finder‘. The owner of the company, Rob Efinger was nice enough to explain how the product worked and how easy it was to use. I decided after elk season I wanted one so Rob mounted the Dead-On Range Finder on my bow and off I went.

The first time I had to use the Dead-On Range Finder was whitetail hunting. I had been watching a doe out in the field all evening, never thinking she would come my way. Right before dark she crossed the field, then a creek and ended up right by my stand. I pulled back on my Heartbreaker, lined up the red pin on her belly, found which color pin was on her back and that’s the pin I chose on my sight. A perfect release later and I had a perfect double lung shot!

Author drops this nice buck with a Dead-On shot.

The following Friday was ‘Black Friday’ and I was hunting the river bottom for bucks. Around 11:00, I had a beautiful 5×5 come my way. Once again, I lined up the belly pin, used the appropriate color pin on my sight and had another double lung shot. My husband and I drug the buck down to the river bank for safe keeping so we could continue to hunt. I had another buck tag and my hubby had a doe tag.

About 30 minutes after I got back in my stand I saw a fork horned buck heading my way. I waited until I thought he was close enough lined up the Dead-On pins and shot. Another buck down…double lung once again. That’s how I did my black Friday shopping, 2 for 1 sale on whitetails.

Not only am I a firm believer now in the Dead-On Range Finder, it has made me a better, more accurate, more confident shooter. Before I was a “snap” shooter and missed a lot of animals. Dead On makes me slow down, come to full draw, anchor and choose the appropriate spot before my arrow flies. I encourage anyone that is distance ‘challenged’ to invest in the Dead On Rangefinder, you won’t be sorry.

for more please go to: Dead-On Range Finder   To watch video: CLICK HERE