G5® Outdoors, the leading manufacturer in premium archery equipment and design took the hunting world by storm when they introduced the Prime two years ago and now they are happy to announce that their most accurate cam system will be available for the target shooting community with the One bow.

“After seeing competitive shooters succeed with our original Prime bows, we wanted to see what they could do with a bow built specifically for competitive shooting,” stated President Matt Grace. “We are excited to see what our tournament shooters will be able to do this next year with the One.”

The One provides target shooters with a forgiving axle-to-axle length, along with a brace height that allows shooters to take their game to the next level. The balance 7000 series riser provides long distance competitive shooters with a stable platform to take aim at their next bull’s-eye.

“I was thrilled to start shooting Prime Bows last year” stated Professional Shooter Dave Cousins. “I have had the opportunity to shoot the Impact, and already it has had an Impact on me – this bow is incredible.”

Prime Gets Competitive And Hits The Mark
G5 Unveils The One Prime Bow, Aimed For the Competitive Archer

Featuring Primes proprietary Parallel Cam Technology, the One looks to make CAM LEAN a problem of the past as the new design balances the load equally on each side of the cable resulting in virtually no CAM LEAN, reduced horizontal nock travel, and reduced limb fatigue. In addition to the Parallel Cam Design, the Prime line of bows offers a long list of features:

• Forged 7000 Series
o This durable design helps to increase riser stiffness and reduce shooter’s hand shock.
• C-1 Laminated Limbs
o These limbs utilize a cross weight design to significantly reduce torsional stresses in the limb resulting in improved consistency and accuracy
• GoreTM Fiber String & Cables
o This proprietary string material is a blend of Gore TM performance fibers and BCYTM 452X.
o The Marriage of these two industry leading technologies results in a superior string with less vibration, a reduction in noise, and increased durability.
• TI-Glide Titanium Flexing Cable System
o The Prime’s Flexible Titanium cable guard system reduces cam lean by 25% by reducing side load on the cables during draw. In conjunction with the Parallel Cam Design, cam lean is virtually eliminated.

One Specs
IBO Speed (FPS) 310
Axle to Axle (in) 39.25”
Brace Height 7.5”
Mass Weight 4.6 lbs
Draw Length 27.5” – 31.5”
Draw Weight (lbs) 50, 60, 70
Available In Blacked Out, Ice Blue and Ice Red
MSRP $1499

PrimeTM continues to deliver the highest level of quality assurance and customer service in the bow industry, by establishing the Shield Service Program:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty: any manufacturer defects on the riser, limbs, cams and Ti-Glide our covered for the life of the bow to the original owner
• 100 Cycle Assurance Program: every Prime bow is cycled 100 times, so the strings are stretched and settled
• Six Month Tune Up Program: receive a FREE tune up at your local Prime dealer within six months of your purchase
• Warranty Rush Service: all warranty parts are shipped out priority mail within 48 hours
• Lifetime Replacement of Strings & Cables: industry first, where owners can receive a FREE set of strings and cables every two years for the life of the bow to the original owner

*Customers must register their Prime bow online or by sending their warranty card in and only Prime bow’s purchased from a dealer and NOT online are eligible.

About G5 Outdoors:
G5® Outdoors L.L.C. is a family owned business established in 2000 and backed by more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience. G5® strives to provide superior products that are Designed to Hunt™ through precision manufacturing and innovative design. To learn more about the new prime series of bows, visit g5prime.com or call (866)456-8836.