The Christmas Dinner Doe


Bowhunting Deer 2012

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Afternoon Hunt: Got out late. Right away I saw some does in the water seep area and took their picture.

The does passed on by my blind 80 yards away and I hurried to finish getting situated. Bingo! I see a doe and it looks like it’s coming my way. Too far away to know for sure. I thought about taking its picture but didn’t do it. Instead, I got my bow and hooked up my release. Something in my head told me this could work out just in time for the traditional weekend Christmas dinner with my neighbors the Alexander family.

I’ll tell you, ya never know how it will come down. The doe walked up to the right side of my blind and I lost sight of it, I figured it kept on going. But …

Surprise, it walked around the right side of the blind and strolled into my shooting window. I was ready to get it done.

I leaned a little to the right so the wall of the blind blocked my draw. I drew slowly and was impressed with how quietly my new Bear Archery Empire came back to full draw. Then I shifted myself so I was behind the shooting window again. For some reason the doe turned around but it wasn’t in a hurry. And it was still perfect broadside, only 8 yards away. I looked at the doe and picked exactly where I wanted my arrow to go. And put my top pin there and released the arrow.

It hit good. The doe ran 40 yards and veered to the left … and dropped immediately.

I posted on Facebook, “Alex Alexander, get your gravy making self ready for the weekend. We’ve got backstraps for you to fry up.”

Look at this, two more does are coming my way from the left.

They walked by me about 35 yards out. Then 2 more joined them and they are all starring at the woods to the east.

One of them is walking over to the east woods. Soon the area cleared out and darkness settled in.

Then I recovered my doe.

The next morning Collin Cottrell came over and took pictures of my and my Christmas Dinner doe. Continued …

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