Point Blank Hunting Calls, maker of the finest game calls produced, is introducing the new Venom Series of predator calls. The new Venom Series Predator calls have proven their effectiveness in testing throughout the West. No matter what Predator you prefer to hunt, the Venom Series of calls will add to your success. The new Venom calls are made of a one piece acrylic housing using a metal diaphragm. Point Blank’s Venom one piece calls leave no chance for loosing parts in the field. Each of Venom calls give an effective raspy sound and amplified volume over open and wooded country.

Point Blank’s Venom Series calls are available in a coaxing Rodent call, an enticing Cottontail call, or a raspy Jackrabbit call. All the Venom Series calls are color coded for easy recognition in your stand, the Venom Rodent is clear, Venom Cottontail is green, and the Venom Jackrabbit is red. The sounds produced by Point Blank’s Venom Series of calls are sure to produce multiple successes. Not sure how to use the Venom calls? Visit Point Blank Hunting Calls web site and view pro caller Matt Stephens with simple instruction on how to use the Venom Series of calls.
Since 1989, Wilderness Sound Productions, now Point Blank Hunting Calls, has produced and manufactured the finest most authentic sounding game calls in the world. The Venom Series of calls, as are all the Point Blank Hunting Calls, are proudly made in the USA. For more information on the Venom Series of predator calls, to learn how to use the Venom Series of calls or to know more about the arsenal of Point Blank Hunting Calls, visit them at, www.pointblankcalls.