Our thanks to Bowhunting.net Partner Spypoint Trail Cameras.

Here are the highlights from the Black Box that receives the wireless pictures from my Tiny-W2 Spypoint trail camera — that is over 100 yards away –, stealthily watching a scrape 8 yards from the camera. The rut came to a screeching halt for now so the pictures are fewer than before. What we are looking for right now are:

  1. signs that does are interested in coming to the scrape area as well as directly to the scrape.
  2. and we want to know if bucks are still coming to this particular scrape.

Below are the Thumbnails of the Tiny-W2 highlights.

[nggallery id=66]

And here is the Slide Show.
[slideshow id=66 w=640 h=480]


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