Provide Year-Round Mineral with the Mineral Mizer Bag

You have a busy life. Between family, work and hunting, you barely have time for anything else, especially refreshing mineral supplements for your deer herd. Understanding your time is limited, Mineral Mizer has developed a simple, maintenance-free product that delivers mineral to your deer herd year-round .

Constructed out of a strong, geotextile non-corrosive material, the Mineral Mizer Bag is designed to provide mineral supplement to your deer herd throughout the year with no need for refilling. Simply fill the bag with your favorite Mineral Mizer product, then hang it, wet it and forget it.

The Mineral Mizer Bag provides a constant fresh drip of nourishing minerals to the surface of the ground with the help of moisture in the air and an occasional rain shower. Deer find this mineral lick irresistible and will continue to return for more.

The bag makes any mineral last longer than conventional pour-and-stir methods by producing a controlled constant drip that constantly refreshes the ground lick from above. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll save trips replenishing the lick, which helps keep the area free of human scent longer. This porous, UV-resistant, strong bag is easily refillable and can withstand years of abuse without showing signs of wear or corrosion.

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