Equalizer Release New Length Adjustment Feature

The EQUALIZER™ Archery Release Aid from Goat Tuff Products offers archers the opportunity of increasing arrow speed without having to increase draw weight. This revolutionary new design accomplishes this by letting the archer increase draw length by up to 3”. This increase in draw length produces a tremendous increase in performance and arrow speed.

For 2013 the EQUALIZER Release Aid comes with a new Length Adjustment feature that allows perfect placement of the Release Head in the hand. The Length Adjustment feature is made of 60/61 Aircraft Aluminum and secured with a locator lock down screw. Once the optimal position of the Release Head is achieved a few turns of the lock down screw secures it in place.

GOAT TUFF President Jerry Smith noted, “The EQUALIZER was designed by Ric Clark for short draw archers or those that have had to shoot lower poundages due to age or injury. These archers where pretty much stuck with the performance of their bow due to draw length and weight limitations. With the EQUALIZER Release every archer can increase performance by increasing their bow’s draw length up to 3”. This increase in draw length gains arrow speed without having to increase draw weight. Our new Length Adjustment feature makes placing the Release Head much easier.”

GOAT TUFF Products also offers the popular line of Goat Tuff cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker and the innovative Opti-Vane.

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