Harmon Scents introduces the Scent Stick: a compact, all-in-one rub-on lure that doesn’t spill, shatter, leak or transmit disease. It’s easily applied and is effective for a variety of hunting situations.

• Attractant or wick- Place the Scent Stick on rock or tree crevice
with cap off.
• Active rub- Apply the Scent Stick directly to rub sites.
• Trail- Apply the Scent Stick to brush or trees, the bottom of your
hunting boots, or use cap to make thin shavings to leave along the
• Cover scent- The Scent Stick may be applied directly to your
clothing as a cover scent.

The Scent Stick is available in ten different scents to attract almost any
type of game you are pursuing: Mule Deer, Bear-Cinnamon Bun, Doe Pee, Herd Blend-whitetail,
Coyote, Fox, Elk in Heat, Triple Heat, Dominant Buck and Elk in Heat. Scent Sticks stay fresh
for up to two years, which saves you money and assures your game scent will be there when
you need it.

The Scent Stick from Harmon Scents will be available at retail in late June of 2012. MSRP is
$9.99 for a 3 oz stick. Purchase them online at www.CassCreek.com or call 1-800-891-3660.

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